• Pink pineapples

    Barcelona rooftop bar

    Y’all know I’m a sucker for a colorful print, and when that print involves pineapples and is on a dress with super cute self-tie spaghetti straps and a twirly midi skirt? I couldn’t resist. I usually try to keep my shoulders covered in Bahrain, but my trip to Spain earlier this summer gave me a perfect reason to wear […]

  • Ombre and henna

    henna and ombre

    Happy 2017! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season — my family came to visit us, and we traveled to Dubai and Italy, so I have tons of photos and information to share with you soon. However, I realized that I never really told you about our move, and I thought this Middle […]

  • Colorful in California

    socal sunset

    If you’ve ever lived in (or even been to) the South, you’ve probably seen Lilly Pulitzer clothing. The uber colorful brand, which started from uniforms at a juice stand in Palm Beach, Fla., tends to be extra popular at Southern sorority houses and the beach towns south of the Mason-Dixon line. But like sweet tea […]

  • Ladylike


    When capri pants first started being a thing, circa 1998, I remember thinking I couldn’t wear them because I am too short. I had read some magazine that said anyone under 5’5″ should avoid them, because the length visually cuts you off mid-calf. I eventually got some anyway, of course, and they were fine. I am short, […]

  • Pink and black

    pink and black

    Perhaps it’s all the ballet classes I took as a child, but pink and black is my favorite color combination. So when I was lucky enough to find this super neon pink cashmere sweater on sale at a Lilly Pulitzer store in Hilton Head, I immediately paired it with a black-and-white striped top and so-dark-they’re-almost-black […]

  • A pencil a day

    pencil a day

    Do you have certain clothing items you tend to gravitate toward over and over again? I have a weakness for striped shirts, fit-and-flare dresses and pencil skirts. My friend Melissa apparently shares a similar affinity for pencil skirts, and a few weeks ago, she decided she was going to wear one every day for a […]

  • Go Navy!

    annapolis friends

    One of the first things we did upon arriving in the DC area was look up the Navy football schedule. We didn’t get season tickets or anything, but we did manage to get tickets for a few of the games, including the first home game of the season. I think you all know my philosophy on dressing […]

  • Babydoll


    Last weekend I took an epic trip to Las Vegas with some of my college friends to see Britney Spears… and that meant I had to go on a bit of a shopping spree, since I didn’t have anything very Vegas-y laying around. And while I was buying up all the sparkle in the San […]

  • Birthday dress

    We haven’t come across a lot of super fancy restaurants in the San Diego area. You can wear jeans almost everywhere, and a casual sundress and sandals can go from the beach to dinner. But on my birthday, I wanted to be a bit dressier. I had gotten this dress at Francesca’s when Melissa was […]

  • Very merry unbirthday tea party

    My good friend Melissa came to visit last month, and after the awesome experience we had last year at afternoon tea, we wanted to try a new place.   We went to Shakespeare’s Corner Shoppe, which was lovely and very good (I especially loved the Welsh rarebit and the meringues with raspberry), but our service […]