• Greenya colada

    greenya colada

    I’ve been making and drinking smoothies since childhood, but I have to admit it had never occured to me to add greens to the mix. But, before the green juice craze started, I was talking to a neighbor and she mentioned that she always adds a handful or two of spinach to smoothies for her […]

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  • Gray and blue

    gray and blue

    The other day, my friend Isabel sent me a link to a Harper’s Bazaar story by a woman who wears the same thing to work every day to reduce stress in her life. It’s an interesting concept, and I can certainly understand why it would be appealing. I can’t even tell you the number of […]

  • Coconut bird’s nest cupcakes

    coconut bird's nest cupcakes

    About 10 years ago, my go-to cake recipe involved a box of cake mix, a can of crushed pineapple, a can of sweetened condensed milk, a bag of coconut and a tub of Cool Whip. It wasn’t very fancy, but it was definitely good: I won an office baking competition with that cake. Since then, […]

  • Bows and dots at Disneyland


    Today, I want to talk about belts and mouse ears. Toby and I had been planning to go to Disneyland for Valentine’s Day, but a bunch of work things came up, and we weren’t able to go. Work (his and mine) kept getting in the way every weekend since, but we finally made it to see […]

  • Garden of the Gods

    garden of the gods sunset

    Even though I’ve had the opportunity to travel to some really awesome places for work, I don’t usually have much free time in the places I visit. Sometimes, I don’t even have time to eat a proper meal! But even when my schedule is packed, I try to make a little time to get out and explore […]

  • Where to eat in Las Vegas

    bouchon las vegas

    According to movies and TV, Las Vegas is all about drinking, gambling, waking up with a tiger in your bathroom and marrying people you’ve known for less than 12 hours. But though Sin City is defined by slot machines, expensive drinks and general debauchery, you don’t have to subsist on cocktail olives and shady buffet […]

  • Beergaritas

    pitcher of beergaritas

    It would be lovely if we all had endless supplies of margaritas made from fresh-squeezed lime juice, agave syrup and premium tequila, rimmed with a fancy artisanal salt blend and garnished with a sliver of orange peel. But sometimes, you just need a bunch of margaritas, stat. Maybe you’re having a party… or maybe it’s […]