• Christmas ornament cookies

    christmas ornament sugar cookies

    I had very grand plans for Christmas cookies this year. But, as usual, work and life got in the way. I’m hoping to make a few more batches in the next week, but in the meantime, I wanted to share the cookies I have managed to make so far. The first are these sugar cookies […]

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  • Chambray hearts

    chambray heart

    Do you chambray? In the past two years or so, it seems like every blogger and fashion girl in the world has proclaimed her love for chambray shirts (think denim, but softer), pairing them with dark or distressed jeans for a “fashion” Canadian tuxedo, tucking them into sequined skirts or pants for a sparkly daytime look, or […]

  • Airplane travel tips and tales of woe

    tiny plane

    The day after my 16th birthday, I got on a plane by myself, headed from Baltimore to Phoenix. At the time, there weren’t any direct flights from BWI to PHX, so we were flying through Philadelphia or Columbus or somewhere. There were at least 20 passengers and three flight attendants on the flight who were […]

  • Turkey trot beanie

    turkey trot beanie

    For the second year in a row, we are planning to run a 10K in the snow less than 24 hours after leaving the near-tropical climes our bodies are used to. So, I’m going to need a hat.   Since we’re running in a Turkey Trot and I’m going to wear a turkey tutu, I thought I […]

  • Sweet potato-pecan pie (with gluten-free crust!)

    sweet potato pecan pie slice

    Turkey gets all the attention, and you know I love me some cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes. But if we’re being honest, pie is really the best thing about Thanksgiving, right?   I’m definitely in the “a little of each” camp when it comes to pie — I can’t choose between pumpkin and pecan, and […]

  • Best-ever Thanksgiving sweet potatoes (with marshmallows)

    best thanksgiving sweet potatoes

    My mom makes the best Thanksgiving sweet potatoes ever. How do I know? Besides the fact that I have eaten them since (probably) infancy, every person I have ever served them to loves them — and usually asks for the recipe. Obviously this don’t have to only be made for Thanksgiving, but I’m not sure […]

  • A sparkly double take

    usmc ball

    November 10 was the 239th birthday of the Marine Corps, and this year we celebrated it two Fridays in a row. The Marine Corps ball is kind of a big deal to Toby and I, since we were set up 10 years ago (eek!) to go to the 229th birthday ball together. Plus, it is […]