• The Kentucky Derby


    I am so sorry for my extended absence. In the last two months, we moved out of our townhouse in Virginia, I dyed my hair pink and then reddish brown, we went to Michigan, Kentucky, and Disney World, and we moved to the Middle East. I will write more about all of those adventures, obviously, but first, […]

  • Red, white and blue

    navy bag and shoes

    My first job, other than babysitting, was at Express during the holidays. At first we were allowed to wear whatever we wanted, but as it got closer to Christmas, we were required to buy four specific articles of clothing from the store — black courdroy pants, a white long-sleeved T-shirt, a dark gray v-neck wool […]

  • Watercolor floral

    watercolor floral skirt

    Pencil skirt + silky blouse + cardigan + pumps. Yeah, it’s a bit of a uniform… but it doesn’t have to be boring. I got this skirt on sale about two years ago because I really loved the print. I wasn’t sure how often I’d be able to wear it, but it has turned out […]

  • Very merry unbirthday tea party

    My good friend Melissa came to visit last month, and after the awesome experience we had last year at afternoon tea, we wanted to try a new place.   We went to Shakespeare’s Corner Shoppe, which was lovely and very good (I especially loved the Welsh rarebit and the meringues with raspberry), but our service […]

  • Happy Easter!

      I hope y’all are having a happy Easter! We woke up to jelly beans and chocolate eggs from the Easter bunny, went to a lovely church in Encinitas, stopped at the beach to snap some photos and then had an amazing brunch at Searsucker in Del Mar. Coconut pancakes with macadamia nuts and Kahlua […]

  • Weekend bling

    There’s something about baseball-style shirts that I have never been able to resist. I had a white and pale yellow one from Gap when I was in high school, and I wore that thing into the ground. So, obviously I was excited when I noticed the style is coming back in vogue — so I […]

  • Spring floral

    While it is technically spring in the northern hemisphere, I know many of you are not experiencing the most spring-like temperatures. It’s been mainly sunny around here, with a few rainy, windy patches, but it’s also been cool during the day and downright chilly at night. The day I took these photos started off gray […]

  • Gray and pink

    While the rest of the country has been slammed with record amounts of snow and teeth-chatteringly low temperatures, Southern California has been sunny and beautiful. Then, it rained. And people freaked OUT. I did not freak out, but I did use the opportunity to wear my pirate galoshes. I got them for about $20 a […]

  • Olive not-so-drab (and an announcement)

    Hello y’all! I have to admit I didn’t love this outfit — it didn’t turn out quite the way I had planned — but I think the photos (from a recent event I covered for work) are the perfect way to lead in to my announcement… I’m on my way to Afghanistan! It’s for work, […]

  • 90s flashback

    My mom and I went to San Francisco this weekend for a girls weekend of shopping, sightseeing, eating… and more shopping. We actually lived in the Bay area for a few years when I was little, but I was so young that I don’t really remember it. And the last (and only other) time I […]