• Christina’s peach jalapeno margaritas

    What’s more perfect than a margarita? How about a spicy-sweet margarita? I’ve been ordering a lot of spicy cocktails lately, so when I happened upon this peach-jalapeno margarita recipe on Dessert for Two, I definitely wanted to share it. Sadly, I haven’t had time to try it out myself, but doesn’t it sound absolutely delicious? […]

  • Poinsettia (cranberry-champagne cocktail)

    I hope you’re getting your sparkles and champagne ready: It’s New Year’s Eve, the most glittery, bubbly, fabulous holiday of the year! And if you have some extra champagne, or if you just don’t like bubbly by itself, you can make your New Year extra pink. We sipped these easy cocktails on Christmas morning, but […]

  • Christmas-grams

    Y’all, I have been so busy the last few days, I can’t even tell you. All of our family has been in town, and I’ve been baking and cooking like a crazy woman. It was super fun, of course, but I haven’t had time to sleep, let alone blog. Now that I finally have a […]

  • Tea at The Rotunda

    You KNEW my mom and I were going to go to tea during our girls weekend in San Francisco, right? It looks like there are several places for afternoon tea, but we chose The Rotunda at Neiman Marcus. It was actually a little weird, because my mom made the reservation online and there was some […]

  • Cranberry orange margarita

    You’ve got your turkey, you’ve got your mashed potatoes, you’ve got your sweet potatoes and the pie… but what are you going to drink for Thanksgiving? Sure, you could stick with wine, champagne or beer. But perhaps I could interest you in a cranberry-orange margarita?   It’s really easy to make, and will complement the […]

  • Tea and a tutu

    Y’all know I love tea, and my friend Isabel and I had been talking about trying Tea Upon Chatsworth, a tea room in Point Loma. So when my friend Melissa came to visit from Toronto, we thought it was the perfect time to check it out.   The tea room was adorable, and they encourage […]

  • Another delicious weekend in Austin

    You may recall that I was in Texas for work for a good chunk of August, and I shared some of the great places I visited during my first weekend in Austin not too long ago. Although I enjoyed all the food and shopping that first weekend, I was not too excited to hang around […]

  • Strawberry margarita (on the rocks)

    I know. I was supposed to give you the recipe for the maple-bacon biscuits I made the other day, and I haven’t yet. But I thought those of you who don’t eat bacon might appreciate something vegetarian for a change. Plus, it’s Taco Tuesday! You need a margarita. These are not your typical strawberry margaritas. […]

  • Tea at the Jefferson

    You may recall my recent post about tea at the Willard. It was lovely, but I wanted to try at least one other place for tea in Washington before we moved, and Refinery29 happened to have a well-timed slideshow of afternoon tea options right before Toby’s mom came to visit us there. We decided to […]

  • Brunch at Farmers Fishers Bakers

    I grew up hating most breakfast foods. I went through a phase where I would eat bagels (and then wouldn’t), a phase where I would basically only eat those frozen mini-pancakes that taste like marshmallow (but not with pancake syrup — only fruit-flavored syrup) and a very long period during which I refused to eat […]