• Bourbon sweet potatoes

    Cranberries may be my favorite part of Thanksgiving, but they certainly aren’t the only exciting dish on the table. Sweet potatoes are also a crucial part of the feast for me, particularly when topped with marshmallows. Growing up, the only kind of sweet potatoes I remember eating is the (fabulous) kind my mom made — […]

  • Bourbon balls

    A few years ago, I decided it would be a great idea to make bourbon balls for tailgating at the Georgia-Kentucky football game. Toby wasn’t home, so I found a recipe online — epicurious.com or foodnetwork.com, can’t remember which — and followed it. The resulting bourbon balls tasted gross and looked completely disgusting. It was […]

  • Chocolate-bourbon souffle cupcakes with bourbon whipped cream

    While we were in Kentucky for Toby’s grandmother’s 80th birthday, we went to Virgil’s Cafe in Bellevue. The last time we ate there, I had a really fantastic cheeseburger. This time, the most memorable thing was a chocolate-bourbon torte. After about two bites, I started thinking about how I could make something similar. So when […]

  • Bourbon-marinated pork tenderloin

    September is National Bourbon Heritage Month. But I didn’t realize it when I made this pork tenderloin. What I did realize is that Toby’s best friend, Joey, was coming for dinner, and I needed something manly and bourbon-y. After all, they’re from Kentucky. The first time I met Joey, he (accidentally) spilled beer all over […]

  • Bourbon-glazed grilled chicken

    If you haven’t noticed, we kinda like bourbon around here. So I decided to go out on a limb and try this bourbon-glazed chicken from Cooking Light when two friends/former co-workers came over for dinner recently. Sometimes recipes from Cooking Light taste a little… like someone took all the fun out of them. But we […]

  • Sweet tea mint julep sorbet

    On a particularly hot day this summer, a girl I know from college posted a Facebook status about her wish for bourbon popsicles. That sounded like a fantastic plan to me. But alcohol has a much lower freezing temperature than water so it won’t freeze in the freezer. And since a mint julep is just […]

  • Bourbon-peach individual pies

    I hope everyone is staying safe and dry as Irene makes her way up the East Coast. We’re just sitting here watching CNN butcher the names of towns in North Carolina, and watching Baltimore TV talk about how terrible the weather is while showing a live shot of ducks floating in the calm Baltimore harbor. […]

  • Award-winning bourbon chili

    Toby doesn’t cook much, but he does make chili. In fact, he was already an award-winning chili chef when I met him. Of course, the award may have had a little to do with the fact that the judges were Marines and the chili contains bourbon. But this chili IS good. And pretty easy to […]

  • Bourbon-peach cobbler

    I follow Tyler Florence on Twitter, and ever since he tweeted about this bourbon peach cobbler, I have been wanting to bake it. I mean, seriously. South Carolina and Georgia may have the best peaches, but Maryland peaches aren’t too shabby. Plus, we probably own more bourbon than anyone else on earth. And Tyler Florence […]