• Maple bacon marshmallows

    maple bacon marshmallows

    Even though we were up to our ears in waffles and peaches on Saturday, you know I couldn’t possibly have people over without making dessert. So what kind of dessert does one make for a breakfast-themed party? How about marshmallows with candied bacon in them? I can’t take credit for the brilliant idea of putting bacon inside […]

  • St. Patrick’s Day marshmallows

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Are you decked out in green? Is there corned beef and cabbage cooking in your slow cooker? Are you drinking Guinness for breakfast? I am wearing green, of course, but there will be no Irish food or beer in our house tonight (unless a leprechaun brings it here). But, I did […]

  • Pumpkin-pecan fudge

    Y’all, Christmas is less than a week away, and I haven’t baked a single cookie all month! I am so sorry for the woeful lack of recipes around here lately, and I promise I will make it up to you in the next few days. I decided to start today with pumpkin fudge, because it […]

  • Toasted coconut marshmallows

    I know: Making your own marshmallows seems like something that only Martha Stewart, a Brooklyn hipster or someone whose blog is named “Marshmallows and Margaritas” would attempt. Who has time for that? But I promise you — cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye — that they are not […]

  • Lemon marshmallows

    When I was in elementary school, my best friend Erica and I would sometimes bake things. Usually it was cookies, but one time we decided to make lemon meringue pie. We separated eggs, we whipped the whites with sugar… and then we realized that we hadn’t even looked at the filling part. So, we put […]

  • Very vanilla marshmallows

    I’m a total sugar addict, so I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I’m enamored with marshmallows. That’s why I named this blog marshmallows and margaritas, after all — those are two of my favorite things. But I had only made my own marshmallows once before, at Christmas. Anyway, I figured I had to […]

  • Homemade marshmallows

    I think you’re all aware that I adore marshmallows. And I had been wanting to make my own for quite a while, but I was a bit intimidated by the possibility of sticky, gooey strands of sugar attacking my entire kitchen. It turns out my worries were unnecessary. It’s not that marshmallow making is a […]