• Beef, bacon, and beer chili

    beef bacon and beer chili

    While I don’t think there’s every been a time in my life that I didn’t like chili dogs, I’ve never beeen big on eating just chili. I realize that puts me in the minority, of course, but it means I usually don’t make chili unless I need to feed a crowd. Of course, Super Bowl […]

  • Zucchini noodles with turkey meatballs

    zoodles with kale marinara and turkey meatballs

    I’m sorry I’ve been MIA most of the summer, y’all. Moving across the country and starting a new job made me a little crazy, and I feel like I haven’t had enough time to breathe. But I did finally cook something delicious recently, so I wanted to share it with you! And I promise I […]

  • Bourbon-glazed beef tenderloin

    bourbon beef tenderloin

    Somehow, even though I’ve been married to a boy from Kentucky for nearly eight years, I’ve never been to the Kentucky Derby. One year, we were thisclose to going… but then had to cancel our flights and go to North Carolina to look for houses instead. Womp womp. Anyway, we weren’t able to go this […]

  • Slow cooker Buffalo chicken

    buffalo chicken sandwich

    A couple of years ago, every party we went to had the same dip. I’m pretty sure it was related to the beginnings of Pinterest, but for whatever reason, it seemed like Buffalo chicken dip was taking over the world. I have never liked Buffalo sauce, and canned chicken grosses me out, so I never tasted […]

  • Beer-braised brisket

    beer-braised brisket

    First things first: You won’t be able to make this for dinner tonight. But if you’re looking for something meaty and delicious that is easy to put together and goes into the oven hours before it needs to be served, this is perfect. It would definitely work for Valentine’s Day dinner, or for any night where you […]

  • Slow-cooker veggie chili

    veggie chili

    After I graduated from college and moved to South Carolina, my dinners generally came from a can, a box, the freezer, or a restaurant. I baked cookies and cakes and muffins occasionally, but I really didn’t know how to cook “real” (non-sugary) food, particularly meals that could go from stove (or microwave) to my tiny table in about […]

  • Bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin

    bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin

    Do you guys remember those “Pork: The Other White Meat” commercials from the 80s? Apparently they worked pretty well, because every time I see the word “pork” — even in regard to wasteful spending in Washington — I think of that phrase. But I didn’t really eat a ton of pork as a child, I […]

  • Orange-glazed chicken stir fry

    Because of my pickiness, my weirdness and my shellfish allergy, I didn’t really eat Chinese food growing up. But my mom LOVES Chinese food, and once I learned how to order something that won’t kill me, I realized I actually do like things like General Tso’s chicken and fried rice. You know, the healthy stuff. […]

  • Mediterranean chicken skewers

    Chicken is not the most exciting food. I mean, it’s not bad. It has a lot of protein in it, it’s generally easy to cook and it’s versatile. But eating plain chicken every day can get pretty boring. This chicken, though, has that extra somethin’ somethin’, with the added bonus of not too many ingredients and […]

  • Sweet potato tacos

    It’s almost Cinco de Mayo! Let’s make some tacos. No, those aren’t carrots. They’re pieces of sweet potato, cut into carrot-like shapes. Stick with me here.   Back in Annapolis, Toby and I got into the habit of going out for Taco Tuesday. Most of the time, that meant meeting our friends at Paladar for margaritas, fresh guacamole, […]