• What to expect for your first barre class

    xtend barre

    Have you been wanting to try barre classes but weren’t sure if you could do it? Or maybe you’re just not sure if you want to invest in an expensive package before trying it out. Regardless, I wanted to share some things I’ve learned from going to barre classes at several different studios over the […]

  • Disneyland’s diamond celebration

    jen with goofy

    It’s been almost 60 years since Disneyland opened in a former orange grove in Anaheim, California. To celebrate their birthday (which is actually on my birthday, July 17), they’ve spruced up some of the oldest rides, blinged out Sleeping Beauty’s castle, debuted a new fireworks show and created a new nighttime parade. And to kick it all […]

  • Giraffes and flamingos

    giraffes and flamingos

    We found out a few weeks ago that after only two years in Carlsbad, we’re moving back to DC. Sad trombone. We’ve been trying to hit all our favorite spots before we go, so I made Toby go to the zoo with me again… and, when we were in Virginia looking for a place to live, […]

  • Chocolate coconut granola

    chocolate coconut granola

    One of my many annoying food issues as a child was that I hated cereal. I simply would not eat it, and no one could make me, no matter how sugar-filled or colorful it happened to be. But sometime around college, I discovered that I loved granola. I still didn’t eat it with milk, like […]

  • Tinkerbell half marathon recap

    tinkerbell half marathon

    After the Star Wars half marathon, I promised myself I would do a much better job of preparing for the Tinkerbell half. I signed up for a 60-day barre challenge and started a legit half marathon training program. Then, the day before Valentine’s Day, I hurt my knee. I’ll spare you the details, but here’s the […]