• Babydoll


    Last weekend I took an epic trip to Las Vegas with some of my college friends to see Britney Spears… and that meant I had to go on a bit of a shopping spree, since I didn’t have anything very Vegas-y laying around. And while I was buying up all the sparkle in the San […]

  • Slow cooker Buffalo chicken

    buffalo chicken sandwich

    A couple of years ago, every party we went to had the same dip. I’m pretty sure it was related to the beginnings of Pinterest, but for whatever reason, it seemed like Buffalo chicken dip was taking over the world. I have never liked Buffalo sauce, and canned chicken grosses me out, so I never tasted […]

  • Pineapple iced tea

    pineapple mint tea

    While I obviously love a good cocktail, I feel like parties need a fun non-alcoholic drink, too. And though the peach tea punch I made a few months ago was quite delicious, I wanted to try something a bit different. Sweet tea is always a good plan, but legit Southern sweet tea can be a little […]

  • Baby rhino at the Safari Park!


    Just about everyone knows about the awesomeness of the San Diego Zoo, but I hadn’t heard of the San Diego Zoo Safari Park until we moved here. We first went about a year ago, but I had been wanting to go back to see the recently completed Tiger Trail, and to see the baby rhino. […]

  • Grilled vegetable salad with avocado

    grilled vegetable salad with avocado

    Even though Super Bowl is all about beer, meat and football, I thought we should have at least one healthy thing at our party. And I wanted it to be something delicious and interesting, not just a couple of wilty celery sticks shoved on the table at the last minute. Usually, I’d make this guacamole […]

  • Beer-braised brisket

    beer-braised brisket

    First things first: You won’t be able to make this for dinner tonight. But if you’re looking for something meaty and delicious that is easy to put together and goes into the oven hours before it needs to be served, this is perfect. It would definitely work for Valentine’s Day dinner, or for any night where you […]

  • Chocolate souffle cupcakes with chocolate buttercream

    mexican spiced chocolate souffle cupcakes

    Since Valentine’s Day is creeping up on us, I thought I’d start my Super Bowl recipe sharing with these amazingly rich, fudgy (and gluten-free) chocolate cupcakes. Whether you decorate them like footballs or sprinkle them with hearts is up to you. The first thing you need to know about these cupcakes is that there is […]

  • Check it

    check it 2

    Please don’t hate me when you see my short sleeves and cotton cardigan in these pictures. I can’t help it that the weather in southern California is generally delightful. It has actually been kind of chilly and rainy, but it clearly wasn’t when I wore this outfit. This particular day, I had a work meeting, […]

  • Snack stadium!

    food football stadium

    Did you know that snack stadiums were a thing? I had never seen or heard of them until I saw a crazy one on Bon Appetit’s website a year or two ago. And I was out of town for the Super Bowl last year, so this year, after seeing this awesome snacknadium in the L.A. […]