• Poinsettia (cranberry-champagne cocktail)

    I hope you’re getting your sparkles and champagne ready: It’s New Year’s Eve, the most glittery, bubbly, fabulous holiday of the year! And if you have some extra champagne, or if you just don’t like bubbly by itself, you can make your New Year extra pink. We sipped these easy cocktails on Christmas morning, but […]

  • Winter fruit salad

    While I would have been perfectly happy with a bunch of cinnamon rolls for breakfast, I thought it might be nice to have some options, including fruit. And since I almost always make the same fruit salad, I wanted to try something different. This fruit salad is simple to make and perfect for guests, because […]

  • Cinnamon rolls

    When I was growing up, we would be allowed to open one Christmas present on Christmas Eve (before we went to church), then we had to wait until Christmas morning to open our presents. But once we got a little older we started opening all our presents after church (and after midnight, so it is […]

  • Christmas-grams

    Y’all, I have been so busy the last few days, I can’t even tell you. All of our family has been in town, and I’ve been baking and cooking like a crazy woman. It was super fun, of course, but I haven’t had time to sleep, let alone blog. Now that I finally have a […]

  • Pumpkin-pecan fudge

    Y’all, Christmas is less than a week away, and I haven’t baked a single cookie all month! I am so sorry for the woeful lack of recipes around here lately, and I promise I will make it up to you in the next few days. I decided to start today with pumpkin fudge, because it […]

  • Go Navy, Beat Army!

    Today is the Army-Navy game, and this is the first year since 2009 that we won’t be attending. And we aren’t even throwing a game-watching party, since Toby is out of town! Of course, I will probably still wear some blue and gold (and some anchor jewelry), but I wanted to share some of our […]

  • San Francisco sightseeing

    Lest you think all we did in San Francisco was shop and drink tea (sounds like my normal day…), I wanted to share some of our other photos and activities from our trip. The first night in town, we ate dinner at Wayfare Tavern — Tyler Florence’s restaurant. We started with deviled eggs, then I […]

  • Tea at The Rotunda

    You KNEW my mom and I were going to go to tea during our girls weekend in San Francisco, right? It looks like there are several places for afternoon tea, but we chose The Rotunda at Neiman Marcus. It was actually a little weird, because my mom made the reservation online and there was some […]

  • 90s flashback

    My mom and I went to San Francisco this weekend for a girls weekend of shopping, sightseeing, eating… and more shopping. We actually lived in the Bay area for a few years when I was little, but I was so young that I don’t really remember it. And the last (and only other) time I […]

  • Cobalt and black

    Some people can wear all black, all the time, and look fabulous. I am not one of those people. It’s not just because I find black a little boring and like to spice things up with bright colors, either. It’s also because I don’t look good without some color near my face — which is […]