• Caramelized Vidalia onion dip

    I hate onions. Well, kinda. Somehow, the girl who orders her enchiladas and burritos and chili dogs and hamburgers and salads without onions… loves onion rings. And onion dip. With potato chips, which I also normally don’t like. It’s an enigma. But, while I can’t explain it, I can embrace it. And I figured that […]

  • Secret-ingredient chocolate cake

    Did you know that putting beets in chocolate cake is a thing? Apparently it’s a thing. I wasn’t really sure how to feel about the idea, though. I’m not exactly a huge beet fan (although I reportedly loved them as a baby). But I figured it couldn’t possibly be as bad as that time I […]

  • Strawberry blondies

    I have to confess: I don’t think I had ever had a blondie before about a year ago, when my former neighbor made some. And I was totally missing out, y’all. Blondies are like brownies without chocolate — perfect for my former neighbor, who’s not big on chocolate, or for my friend Olga, who’s allergic […]

  • Valentine’s Day

    I’m sure all you romantics, lover of hearts, and wearers of pink and red are well aware, but Valentine’s Day is coming. Like, soon. I’m going to have a new recipe or two for you before then, but in the meantime I wanted to call attention to a few recipes you might enjoy: –Ombre heart […]

  • Healthy (but still delicious!) chicken enchiladas

    ZOMG you guys. I’m so sorry. Work has been supercrazytown recently (I got to go to Europe, which was amazing, but also nuts, and then like 17 more things happened), and of course we had a Super Bowl party… we just didn’t decide to have it until like four days before. So… yeah. I’ll have […]