• Southwestern muffin-cup eggs

    As I was looking through my mother’s stacks of Junior League cookbooks from across the Southwest, I came across this intriguing egg recipe. The eggs are cooked in muffin cups and then topped with a fresh salsa. Yum, right? It’s super easy. I went a little overboard with the olive oil, but it’s not too […]

  • Peep cupcakes

    The weather has been really weird. One day it feels like February, the next like June. It’s foggy in the morning and sweltering in the afternoon. The cherry blossoms bloomed early, and now it’s raining pink petals all over the DC area. So, basically, it’s spring. And that means… time for Peeps! You probably recall […]

  • Irish coffee sundaes

    If you don’t have any Irish whiskey in your house, you may need to go get some RIGHT NOW. Because you’re going to need to make this Irish whiskey caramel sauce. Don’t worry if you’ve never made caramel before — it’s not that hard and it only takes about 15 minutes. You do need to […]

  • Beef and Guinness pies

    Y’all, I really want to tell you stories about St. Patrick’s Day and wax poetic about this stew. But my brain stopped working a few hours ago. Plus, the best St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are the ones you can’t remember (though the days after are generally ones you want to forget). So, you should make […]

  • Thin Mint pie

    “On my honor, I will try: to serve God and my country, to help people at all times, and to live by the Girl Scout law.” One hundred years ago today, 18 girls gathered in Savannah, Ga., for the first meeting of what would become the Girl Scouts. Roughly 25 years ago, I attended my […]

  • Coconut brown rice with squash and edamame

    Do y’all Pinterest? It seems like everyone is talking about it now, but I first heard about it in August from Bridget at Bake@350. If you, like me, ever covered your bulletin boards, walls, binders and lockers in photos and things ripped from magazines, you’ll definitely like Pinterest. Or if you, like me, see recipes […]

  • Deviled eggs

    I. Love. Deviled. Eggs. So much. And they don’t seem so hard, right? I mean, I’ve seen my mom make them tons of times. So the summer after I graduated from college, when my roommates and I were having a Fourth of July party, I decided to make some. It didn’t work out very well. […]