• Pimento cheese (hold the mayo)

    Is there really such a thing as an Oscars party? I ask because every website I visit seems to have guides upon guides for hosting your own Oscars party, for food that fits various Oscar party themes, and for DYI projects for these alleged parties. But I have never heard of anyone actually hosting or […]

  • Roasted apples and parsnips

    Are you sugared out? Too many conversation hearts? A few too many bon bons? More than a socially acceptable amount of Jell-O-based cake? Me neither. But sometimes it’s good to step away from the granulated sugar and high-fructose corn syrup anyway. You can still have something sweet, though. You probably weren’t expecting this photo of […]

  • Dance with somebody

    Because this was my favorite song in elementary school (I’m surprised I didn’t wear the tape out)… Because I never really liked “I will always love you” (sorry Dolly) and I am really sick of hearing it now… And because this might be the most 80s-tastic/rad video ever… [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfPOXmT9HMA]

  • Valentine’s stained glass cake

    Crank up the heat, turn off your humidifier, put on your cowboy boots and turquoise bolo tie and stick a cheese crisp in the toaster oven. It’s Arizona’s 100th birthday! I really wanted to make a prickly pear margarita pie today. In case you aren’t familiar with prickly pears, they’re the purplish prickly fruit that […]

  • Heart tarts

    Back in August, Meagan of Scarletta Bakes made some really cool avocado pop tarts. And while I never really liked Pop Tarts that much when I was little (shocking, right? Especially since my brother liked them), they did grow on me post-college. They also saved a diabetic photographer I know in North Carolina from blood […]

  • Quick and spicy chocolate mousse

    Well, I couldn’t very well give you a big list of Valentine’s recipes and not include at least one chocolate item. But after the macarons, I figured you didn’t want something else super involved. So this is not traditional chocolate mousse. It’s faster. And easier. And spicier. Plus it involves marshmallows, which is always a […]

  • Strawberries and champagne macarons

    I may not be very traditional when it comes to Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like strawberries and champagne every once in a while. And strawberries and champagne in cookie form? Even better. I’ve actually made these a couple times, trying to get the recipe and method down… and I’ve discovered that […]

  • Raspberry cupcakes with blood orange buttercream

    I don’t like sappy romantic comedies. I’m not into greeting cards. I don’t want a heart-shaped box of chocolates. I think giving someone red roses on Valentine’s Day is a cop-out (I’ll take peonies or tulips, thanks). The fact that they’re bringing Titanic back in 3-D makes me want to injure several people. But I […]

  • Beer macaroni and cheese

    I spent almost the entire weekend cooking. See, I have party-control issues. Especially Super-Bowl-party-control issues. Basically I get overly excited that people are coming over and I want to try out lots of different recipes, and I want everything to adhere to a theme. I usually spend about two full days cooking enough food for […]

  • Potato chip cookies

    OK, OK. I get it. You don’t really care about salads and quinoa and beans. That was evident when I took a bunch of cookies outside for my neighbors. Sara, (of Sassy Suppers), was clearly thrilled. “You’re baking again!” she said, before listing all the boring things I’ve been blogging about lately. So I figured […]