• Grandma

    As many of you may recall, my mom’s mother died unexpectedly on Halloween. My other grandmother had not been well for a few years, but she became really ill last week. My parents and I were able to go and see her in the hospital in Charleston, S.C., before she died late Friday/early Saturday morning. […]

  • Bathing suits

    I love bathing suits. Especially colorful bikinis. I buy the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue every year just to see the bathing suits. And my swimsuit drawer is overflowing with all manner of chlorine-scented lycra. Of course, right now the only bathing suit I am wearing is navy blue and super boring. But hopefully I will […]

  • OMG I’m craving spaghetti… squash

    I believe you all know I love pasta. But it’s not just the carbs. I must have some kind of lycopene deficiency or something, because I totally crave the tomato sauce. So, if I can’t have spaghetti, I need another vehicle for the sauce. I had never eaten spaghetti squash before, but I figured it […]

  • Mexican wedding cake

    As you might imagine, this is not a diet recipe. However, it IS a really easy recipe for a fantastic cake. I first made this cake when I lived in South Carolina, and I was thinking about it when we had a Mexican-themed party recently. But I couldn’t remember where I had gotten the recipe […]

  • Tropical sunrise smoothie

    Well, the diet has been going pretty well, although the exercise portion has been a challenge. It seems the fates have been conspiring against me, but I have managed to swim a little and take a few walk/runs over the bridge near our house. Anyway, I’ve found the biggest challenge, food-wise, is to get and […]

  • Banana oat pancakes

    Last week was Toby and my fourth anniversary. And I weigh 30 pounds more than I do when we got married. Yikes. That’s major. That’s like… a toddler. So, I am on a diet for at least a month. These pancakes are not part of that diet, although they do have a lot of whole […]