• Summer strawberry cake

    strawberry cake

    Have you ever gone strawberry picking? We lived less than 5 miles from a strawberry field for two years and kept promising ourselves that we would go, but we never did. However, we did manage to at least go and buy some of the freshly picked strawberries, which are approximately nine trillion times better than […]

  • Georgia peach tea punch

    georgia peach tea punch

    I have a problem. I love inviting people over and making tons of food for them — way too much food, always — but I never plan it out correctly. What that means is that I’m usually still cooking when the first guests arrive, and there’s always at least one thing that doesn’t get made. […]

  • Vail and Eagle, Colorado

    mountains in colorado

    Labor Day weekend is just a few days away, and I hope you all have fun plans! AAA is predicting that nearly 35 million Americans will travel more than 50 miles from their house for the holiday — the most for Labor Day weekend since 2008. I know a ton of people hit the beach for […]

  • Blue and white

    linen tunic white jeans

    Is it weird that I packed jeans and a tunic with sleeves for a vacation in Hawaii? I know most people would probably just throw a bunch of shorts, tank tops, sundresses and flip flops in a bag, but I love wearing white jeans in the summer. And, as you can probably tell by the […]

  • Triple berry cinnamon swirl bread

    Lesson learned: Always trust Joy the Baker. When Joy posted a baking bootcamp challenge a few weeks ago, I was super excited to attempt the baking part, but also concerned that I wouldn’t like the result. You know I am a big weirdo with all sorts of strange food issues, and one of those issues is […]

  • Strawberry coconut milk ice cream

    Though mint chocolate chip ice cream and coconut gelato tend to be my favorite frozen treats, sometimes only strawberry ice cream (or a strawberry milkshakes) will do. This is particularly true of homemade ice cream, which is definitely better (and easier) in certain flavors — like peach and strawberry. But as obsessed as I am with all […]

  • Coconanacado popsicles

    Summer is NOT over, y’all. I know that summer break is over for most of the kids and teachers in the U.S. And I know that the weather has been totally wackadoodle in many places. But it is still August! The high tomorrow in Killeen, Texas (my current location) is 96 degrees. The pools are […]

  • Puffy corn omelet

    I’ve been totally lame this summer. I haven’t been giving you nearly enough recipes for the fabulous fruits and vegetables that were bountiful at farmer’s markets and grocery stores, because I’ve been traveling and moving and working and not cooking very much. And also because the light in my new kitchen is not very good. […]

  • Four-ingredient scratch strawberry shortcakes

    I can’t even tell you how excited I was when we saw (and smelled!) fresh, ripe, local strawberries the other day. It was like surprise Kate Spade sale-level excitement. And then I found a bag of White Lily self-rising flour. O.M.G. It was like God wanted me to make strawberry shortcakes and share them with […]

  • Sweet tea mint julep sorbet

    On a particularly hot day this summer, a girl I know from college posted a Facebook status about her wish for bourbon popsicles. That sounded like a fantastic plan to me. But alcohol has a much lower freezing temperature than water so it won’t freeze in the freezer. And since a mint julep is just […]