• A sparkly double take

    usmc ball

    November 10 was the 239th birthday of the Marine Corps, and this year we celebrated it two Fridays in a row. The Marine Corps ball is kind of a big deal to Toby and I, since we were set up 10 years ago (eek!) to go to the 229th birthday ball together. Plus, it is […]

  • Ripped jeans and pixie dust

    fairy good life

    You’ve probably noticed that I put my outfits together based on the event, occasion or location at which I’ll be wearing them. I think I’ve always been like that, actually: I remember going to a Phoenix Suns game when I was in middle school and wondering what the heck the woman sitting courtside in YELLOW […]

  • Hello Kitty Con

    hello kitty con

    Is there anything cuter than Hello Kitty? I think not. This weekend was the first-ever Hello Kitty Conference, a celebration of the supercute cartoon timed to coincide with her 40th birthday. As you can imagine, cuteness abounded. Although I’m not a Hello Kitty superfan or anything, I did have quite a bit of Hello Kitty and […]

  • Birthday dress

    We haven’t come across a lot of super fancy restaurants in the San Diego area. You can wear jeans almost everywhere, and a casual sundress and sandals can go from the beach to dinner. But on my birthday, I wanted to be a bit dressier. I had gotten this dress at Francesca’s when Melissa was […]

  • Gold panthers and (kinda) free beer

    Although we’ve lived in California for almost a year, Toby and I still feel like newbies. Sure, we have our favorite restaurants and I’m on a first-name basis with employees at both local Kate Spade stores, but the only time we really attempted to “go out” was kind of a disaster. We are definitely not cool […]

  • Mermaid braid

    When I was getting my hair color done on Saturday at Twig Hair Lounge, I noticed a sign for Sustainable Beauty Day. The event, in honor of Earth Day, raises money for the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation. And Twig was offering a braid bar and flower-crown making, along with other fun activities, so I decided […]

  • Weekend bling

    There’s something about baseball-style shirts that I have never been able to resist. I had a white and pale yellow one from Gap when I was in high school, and I wore that thing into the ground. So, obviously I was excited when I noticed the style is coming back in vogue — so I […]

  • Gray and pink

    While the rest of the country has been slammed with record amounts of snow and teeth-chatteringly low temperatures, Southern California has been sunny and beautiful. Then, it rained. And people freaked OUT. I did not freak out, but I did use the opportunity to wear my pirate galoshes. I got them for about $20 a […]

  • Sparkly magic kitchen wands

    Sometimes, just getting dinner on the table can seem like the world’s biggest challenge. Whether I’m going for a multi-course meal or just a grilled cheese sandwich, cooking usually requires cleaning, rummaging through the pantry and the fridge, following directions, making up my own directions, emptying the dishwasher and clearing off the dinner table. I […]

  • Stars and stripes

    I have to admit I didn’t realize when I put this outfit together that it was stars + stripes. I just wanted to wear some of my new Christmas clothes. Only when I started looking at these photos did I realize that the theme of the outfit matched my place of employment. I wore this […]