• Aaren’s Spartan Races (and a giveaway!)

    Unfortunately the universe has been conspiring against me for the past few years, so I haven’t been able to do a Spartan Race yet, but one of my BFFs, Aaren, has now run two (because she’s a bad ass!). I asked her to write about her experience to give you an idea of what to […]

  • Marine Corps Marathon 10K recap

    mcm 10k

    One of the problems with big, popular races is that you have to sign up so far ahead of time that it’s difficult to know how you’re going to feel or what’s going to be happening in your life when the race actually rolls around. While I hurt my knee in February and swore off […]

  • World Famous Mud Run

    finish strong

    Before Spartan Race, before Tough Mudder, before Warrior Dash and Mudderella and all the rest, there was the Camp Pendleton Mud Run. It’s the OG mud run, and despite my general desire to stay mud-free, I really wanted to do it. Last year, my face broke about two weeks beforehand, and I wasn’t allowed to run […]

  • Tinkerbell half marathon recap

    tinkerbell half marathon

    After the Star Wars half marathon, I promised myself I would do a much better job of preparing for the Tinkerbell half. I signed up for a 60-day barre challenge and started a legit half marathon training program. Then, the day before Valentine’s Day, I hurt my knee. I’ll spare you the details, but here’s the […]

  • DIY Tinkerbell shoe pom-poms

    tinkerbell running shoe pom pom

    After running the Star Wars half marathon and vowing to be better prepared for the Tinkerbell half… life happened. So not only have I not been running as much as I had wanted to (because of an injury), I also am behind in my costume prep. However, I did want to share one DIY costume […]

  • Star Wars half marathon recap

    ferris wheel photo

    Several years ago, after I had run a few 5Ks, I decided to increase my mileage a bit and train for a 10K. Not long after, a good friend of Toby’s told us he was going to run a half marathon to help raise money for cystic fibrosis research and the children’s hospital that Toby’s […]

  • In defense of the treadmill


    In every running magazine and running blog I’ve ever read (not to mention the Facebook updates of my family and friends), the treadmill seems to be universally acknowledged as a necessary evil: Yes, people use it, but they curse it the entire time. But, um… I actually like the treadmill. This is not to say that running […]

  • Camp Pendleton Mud Run

    I was super bummed when my eye doctor told me I shouldn’t do the Camp Pendleton Mud Run with Toby and my dad, as planned, but I was still able to go and take photos. It turns out it was probably a good idea for me not to do it, because it was quite a […]

  • Win a free entry into a Spartan race!

    ***UPDATE: This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to Laura for winning! Enjoy your race!*** Have you guys ever done a mud run? Toby and I are getting ready to do the Camp Pendleton mud run with my dad in two weeks, and I’m pretty excited about it. I actually did do the mud run at Camp […]

  • How to start running (or get faster)

    There are a few things that everyone in my family has in common. For example: We all care about what we wear, we all love Arizona, we’re all beach bums, and we all get overly obsessed and competitive when it comes to jigsaw puzzles. But whereas I forget to work out for weeks at a time, […]