• Georgia peach tea punch

    georgia peach tea punch

    I have a problem. I love inviting people over and making tons of food for them — way too much food, always — but I never plan it out correctly. What that means is that I’m usually still cooking when the first guests arrive, and there’s always at least one thing that doesn’t get made. […]

  • Christina’s peach jalapeno margaritas

    What’s more perfect than a margarita? How about a spicy-sweet margarita? I’ve been ordering a lot of spicy cocktails lately, so when I happened upon this peach-jalapeno margarita recipe on Dessert for Two, I definitely wanted to share it. Sadly, I haven’t had time to try it out myself, but doesn’t it sound absolutely delicious? […]

  • Bourbon-peach individual pies

    I hope everyone is staying safe and dry as Irene makes her way up the East Coast. We’re just sitting here watching CNN butcher the names of towns in North Carolina, and watching Baltimore TV talk about how terrible the weather is while showing a live shot of ducks floating in the calm Baltimore harbor. […]

  • Peach and blueberry yogurt parfait

    I really like the idea of yogurt parfaits, but it seems like the pre-made ones always have some kind of yucky yogurt and not enough fruit. So I thought I’d make my own. I only have plain, nonfat Greek yogurt in my fridge. And I simply am not a good enough person to eat that […]

  • Peach, watermelon and tomato salad

    Yesterday was Eat a Peach Day. I didn’t even realize that when I decided to make this ESS Peach Week. But I’ll go with it! I can’t remember if I’ve told y’all that we joined a CSA this year. CSA means community-supported agriculture — we give a farmer a certain amount of money before the […]

  • Peach-raspberry crunch pie

    Do you ever watch “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” on Food Network? It may be the worst possible show to watch when you’re hungry. I was watching the “crunchy” episode when I saw this. Peach-raspberry crunch pie. So all my plans for making a regular raspberry pie went out the window. The peaches peeled […]

  • Bourbon-peach cobbler

    I follow Tyler Florence on Twitter, and ever since he tweeted about this bourbon peach cobbler, I have been wanting to bake it. I mean, seriously. South Carolina and Georgia may have the best peaches, but Maryland peaches aren’t too shabby. Plus, we probably own more bourbon than anyone else on earth. And Tyler Florence […]

  • Peach-pineapple-mango smoothie

    Last week I went into the Pa. Dutch Farmer’s Market for the first time. O.M.G. I had no idea it was so amazing. But I didn’t have a lot of time, so I just got a smoothie and left. The smoothie (fresh peaches, fresh pineapple and ice) was ridiculously good and I planned to go […]