• Candy corn layer cake

    candy corn cake for Halloween

    I love most candies that are basically just sugar + food coloring, so it’s no surprise that I adore candy corn (mellowcreme pumpkins are the best)! But there’s only so much candy corn one human can eat, and they don’t have it here in Bahrain anyway. They do, however, have butter, sugar, and flour, which […]

  • Disney Halloween cookies

    jack skellington cookies

    Halloween at Disneyland is an extra magical time. They have a special Halloween party (which, sadly, we never made it to), Halloween-themed treats, various Disney villians to meet and take photos with, and cool Halloween decorations throughout the park. I had never seen Nightmare Before Christmas before going to Disneyland at Halloween, but after experiencing […]

  • How to make pie crust like a boss

    pie crust by hand

    Pie crust can be pretty intimidating. A tasteless or overly dense crust can ruin a pie, and unlike cake, you can’t just cover it with frosting if it looks a little wonky. But you can totally make a good one. Seriously. How do I know? Well, I’ve tried roughly a zillion different recipes and determined that this […]

  • How to wear sneakers with (almost) anything

    As someone with both sensitive feet and a love of beautiful high heels, choosing shoes is not easy. My job makes it extra difficult, since I don’t always know how long I’ll be standing, how far I’ll be walking, or what kind of terrain I may have to traverse on any given day. Even sensible […]

  • How to send cookies to Afghanistan (or Iraq… or a ship)

    As a military wife, military reporter and friend of many Marines (and a few sailors), I have done a lot of overseas shipping. I send so many baked goods that the owner of the Annapolis Post Box knows me as “The Cookie Lady.” The first time I sent cookies overseas was almost 10 years ago, […]

  • How to dye coconut

    It took us three days to get back from Hawaii, because we decided to take military air. So I ended up spending my birthday in Miramar, California, which isn’t really a bad thing… except that we didn’t know we were staying there overnight before we got off the plane. I wanted to go to a […]

  • How to chop a butternut squash

    I have recently discovered that I really like butternut squash. But since I had never cooked with it before, I wasn’t sure how to chop it up. Luckily, the “Gourmet Quick Kitchen” special edition had instructions. First, try to find a butternut squash with a long neck that seems heavy for its size. Cut the […]

  • How to chop an onion

    This is something I probably should have figured out for myself ages ago, but I didn’t really learn it until I took this class at Charleston Cooks. It is very easy and will minimize the time you need to spend cutting the onion, which should reduce onion-y tears as well. First, peel the top layer […]

  • How to frost a cake

    So you bake a lovely, moist cake. And you whip up some fabulous frosting that is a different color. And then you realize — I have no idea how to combine these items without it becoming a big mess. Don’t worry. The secret is a crumb coat. If it’s a layer cake, the first thing […]

  • How to make a meringue for pie

    Making a meringue is not terribly difficult, but it does require a lot of time with an electric mixer. Basically it is just super-duper whipped egg whites, with sugar. You should probably use cream of tartar, which will make the meringue fluffier and easier to work with. I used to be scared of cream of […]