• Tiny pecan pies

    teeny tiny pecan pies

    Miniature food isn’t always tastier than regular-sized food, but it’s almost always cuter. Evidence? Tiny hamsters eating tiny burritos. But this post isn’t about adorableness. This is about pecan pie. In my experience, pecan pie is frequently relegated to Thanksgiving or Christmas, and not enjoyed year-round. That is a travesty, really, because the combination of pecans, […]

  • Cincinnati Bengals cookies

    tiger stripe football helmet cookies

    Toby grew up a Bengals fan, and when we got married I became a Bengals fan by extension. It helps that several awesome Georgia Bulldogs now play for the Bengals (including Geno Atkins, Robert Geathers and A.J. Green). And that they signed a previously released player to the practice squad to to the practice squad […]

  • Breakfast biscuit bar

    biscuit bar

    The waffles were delicious. They really were. But building a make-your-own waffle bar is a mess and kind of a pain. The timing is a challenge, because you don’t want the waffles sitting on the table for too long, or they’ll get cold and a little soggy. And having to make the waffles separately is […]

  • Brown butter chocolate chip cookies

    brown butter chocolate chip cookies

    I was always under the impression that everyone loved chocolate chip cookies. Then, in college, I dated a guy who disliked chocolate so much that, as a child, he’d tell people he was allergic to it so he wouldn’t have to eat it. And I was friends with a girl who loved the cookie part […]

  • Maple bacon marshmallows

    maple bacon marshmallows

    Even though we were up to our ears in waffles and peaches on Saturday, you know I couldn’t possibly have people over without making dessert. So what kind of dessert does one make for a breakfast-themed party? How about marshmallows with candied bacon in them? I can’t take credit for the brilliant idea of putting bacon inside […]

  • Brown-butter overnight waffles with bourbon peaches

    brown butter yeasted waffles

    For UGA’s first football game of the season, I wanted to make something breakfast-y that said “Georgia.” And there are few things that invoke both Georgia and breakfast foods more than Waffle House. I had seen and heard of Waffle House before I moved to Athens for college, of course, but I’m pretty sure I had […]

  • How to make pie crust like a boss

    pie crust by hand

    Pie crust can be pretty intimidating. A tasteless or overly dense crust can ruin a pie, and unlike cake, you can’t just cover it with frosting if it looks a little wonky. But you can totally make a good one. Seriously. How do I know? Well, I’ve tried roughly a zillion different recipes and determined that this […]

  • Raspberry pie

    raspberry pie 2

    I have a confession: I prefer pie to cake. I know, I know. Cakes are prettier, and they usually feed more people, and they are definitely a much better vehicle for rainbow sprinkles. And ice cream cake is obviously amazing. But there’s just something about a piece of key lime pie, or cherry pie with vanilla […]

  • Spinach and Gruyere frittata

    I’m interrupting my series of posts about our trip to Hawaii for an easy, protein-packed breakfast recipe.   When we went to LA a few weeks ago, we went to FIG in Santa Monica for brunch and I tried ordering their spinach and gruyere quiche. Unfortunately, they had run out, so I ended up getting a […]

  • Chocolate coconut cake

    Since Melissa was visiting California for her birthday, I HAD to figure out the perfect birthday cake to make for her. Right? I considered the to-die-for coconut rainbow sprinkles cake that I made for my own birthday last year, but thought I should try something a little different. And since I know Melissa loves chocolate […]