• Southern summer sipper

    peach bourbon cocktail

    While I’m (obviously) a proponent of drinking cocktails year round, there are some drinks that just taste better in the summer. This is one of those cocktails: fresh peaches squeezed into a pitcher with lemon juice, bourbon, jalapeno simple syrup and a few sprigs of thyme. Perfect for sipping on the screened-in porch. Thank you […]

  • Beergaritas

    pitcher of beergaritas

    It would be lovely if we all had endless supplies of margaritas made from fresh-squeezed lime juice, agave syrup and premium tequila, rimmed with a fancy artisanal salt blend and garnished with a sliver of orange peel. But sometimes, you just need a bunch of margaritas, stat. Maybe you’re having a party… or maybe it’s […]

  • Grown-up cherry vanilla Coke

    alcoholic cherry vanilla coke

    I’ve always been Team Coke. Even though I didn’t grow up in the South, I have always referred to fizzy soft drinks as Coke — not “pop” or “soda.” And I really dislike the taste of Pepsi. What is really annoying, though, is when people try to tell me I can’t tell the difference between […]

  • Georgia peach tea punch

    georgia peach tea punch

    I have a problem. I love inviting people over and making tons of food for them — way too much food, always — but I never plan it out correctly. What that means is that I’m usually still cooking when the first guests arrive, and there’s always at least one thing that doesn’t get made. […]

  • Not horchata

    not horchata

    Horchata in Spain is made with nuts. Mexican horchata is made with rice. Neither one is made with bananas. But, bear with me here. We recently started (and then failed at, but are trying again) Whole30, and I randomly started craving horchata. I don’t know why — I rarely order it, even though it is […]

  • Poinsettia (cranberry-champagne cocktail)

    I hope you’re getting your sparkles and champagne ready: It’s New Year’s Eve, the most glittery, bubbly, fabulous holiday of the year! And if you have some extra champagne, or if you just don’t like bubbly by itself, you can make your New Year extra pink. We sipped these easy cocktails on Christmas morning, but […]

  • Strawberry margarita (on the rocks)

    I know. I was supposed to give you the recipe for the maple-bacon biscuits I made the other day, and I haven’t yet. But I thought those of you who don’t eat bacon might appreciate something vegetarian for a change. Plus, it’s Taco Tuesday! You need a margarita. These are not your typical strawberry margaritas. […]

  • Watermelon margarita

    I love watermelon, but every time I buy it I get a little overwhelmed by how much of it there is. So, I figured I’d turn some of it into a margarita. Of course. You don’t need a ton of limes for this. I actually put too much lime juice in the first time I […]

  • Raspberry lemonade

    A few weeks ago, I happened to be watching The Pioneer Woman on Food Network, and she made raspberry lemonade. It looked really easy and delicious. And hot pink. Not long after, my mother-in-law was in town and we were grilling for dinner. I realized I had a bunch of lemons and a big container […]

  • Mint juleps

    Being married to a man from Kentucky means there is a lot of bourbon in my life. He ordered me a mint julep on one of our first dates, we have bottles of bourbon on display in our house, and mint juleps were the signature drink at our wedding. Yum. They do go straight to […]