• Kentucky beer cheese

    kentucky beer cheese

    Have you ever heard of beer cheese? I hadn’t, until a former boss mentioned it a few years ago. It sounded interesting — beer and cheese go together well, and adding beer to cheese fondue is usually a good idea — but I hadn’t really thought about it again until I started trying to find […]

  • Macaroni and cheese (no béchamel required)

    macaroni and cheese with cheez its

    I think we can all agree that homemade macaroni and cheese is awesome. But it can be a bit of a pain (and a mess) to make. This recipe gives you the deliciousness of homemade mac and cheese, with significantly less work, less mess and less stress than a version that involves making a huge […]

  • Cheesy grits casserole

    As I mentioned, my good friend Melissa visited recently from Toronto. Melissa grew up in Atlanta, and we went to University of Georgia together, so we obviously had to have a Southern-themed football brunch for the Georgia-LSU game while she was here. These cheesy grits were the first thing I put on my list. If […]

  • Macaroni and cheese

    I love macaroni and cheese. Any kind of macaroni and cheese. Well, maybe not that dusty-tasting kind from fast food-type restaurants (I’m looking at you, Boston Market), but any other kind. Frozen, from a blue box, whatever. But I think this is the best traditional (read: no weird ingredients) macaroni and cheese ever. Seriously. Now, […]

  • Green chile corn pudding

    The weather around here has been… interesting. Last week started with 30-degree mornings, somehow we reached “warm” the next afternoon, but then a crazy snow storm was going on the whole next day (though none of the snow stuck in Alexandria or DC). And now it’s like 60. Crazytown. It’s the kind of weather that […]

  • Beer-braised carnitas nachos

    How is it already March? I know February is a short month and all, but seriously. Somehow I managed to wait an entire month before sharing the delicious nachos I made for the Super Bowl. If you don’t like nachos… well, we probably can’t be friends. But you could always just use these beer-braised carnitas […]

  • Cheesy mini pretzel dogs

    There are many wondrous things available at the Amish market in Annapolis. But Toby’s favorite is the pretzel dog. We have our friend Jose to thank for that, actually, because we may never have stood in the ridiculously long line for one if he hadn’t told us about them. Anyway, we don’t live in Annapolis […]

  • Fancy macaroni and cheese

    Not all macaroni and cheese is created equal. Most kinds are delicious, but some — like the type in a blue box, for instance — are more suited for a weekday dinner than a holiday table. This kind, on the other hand, is dressed up with more expensive cheese and a golden crust of buttery […]

  • Pimento cheese (hold the mayo)

    Is there really such a thing as an Oscars party? I ask because every website I visit seems to have guides upon guides for hosting your own Oscars party, for food that fits various Oscar party themes, and for DYI projects for these alleged parties. But I have never heard of anyone actually hosting or […]

  • Spinach souffle

    Toby and I went to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving, and now we’re in Jekyll Island, Ga., with his family for Christmas. (It’s really beautiful here — and really warm. I swam outside today!) Anyway, my mom put the Christmas decorations up and made Christmas dinner two nights after Thanksgiving so we could celebrate with […]