• Southern summer sipper

    peach bourbon cocktail

    While I’m (obviously) a proponent of drinking cocktails year round, there are some drinks that just taste better in the summer. This is one of those cocktails: fresh peaches squeezed into a pitcher with lemon juice, bourbon, jalapeno simple syrup and a few sprigs of thyme. Perfect for sipping on the screened-in porch. Thank you […]

  • Bourbon-glazed beef tenderloin

    bourbon beef tenderloin

    Somehow, even though I’ve been married to a boy from Kentucky for nearly eight years, I’ve never been to the Kentucky Derby. One year, we were thisclose to going… but then had to cancel our flights and go to North Carolina to look for houses instead. Womp womp. Anyway, we weren’t able to go this […]

  • Brown-butter overnight waffles with bourbon peaches

    brown butter yeasted waffles

    For UGA’s first football game of the season, I wanted to make something breakfast-y that said “Georgia.” And there are few things that invoke both Georgia and breakfast foods more than Waffle House. I had seen and heard of Waffle House before I moved to Athens for college, of course, but I’m pretty sure I had […]

  • Sticky toffee pudding

    “Sticky toffee pudding” is a bit of a confusing name for Americans (like me). It’s a cake, not the stuff Bill Cosby loves to eat in commercials. And the “toffee” is a sauce, not that chewy stuff in the middle of Heath bars. Oh, and there are dates involved. In part because I had no […]

  • Brown sugar buttermilk pie with bourbon brown sugar sauce

    Pie is a must-have for Thanksgiving, but you don’t necessarily have to stick with pumpkin, pecan or apple… or limit yourself to one. This brown sugar buttermilk concoction is a little non-traditional, but with the custardy consistency of pumpkin pie and a bourbon-brown sugar sauce reminiscent of pecan pie, it would make a perfect addition […]

  • Bourbon bundt cake

    Rainbow sprinkles and coconut were perfect for my birthday, but for Toby’s birthday? I obviously needed something spiked with bourbon. Luckily, I had just seen a recipe for bourbon cake in a cookbook a few days before, so I decided to try it. It was definitely a good call.   This recipe is super easy, […]

  • Chocolate-bourbon pecan pie

    I am not sure how I missed National Bourbon Day, but honestly? Just about every day is bourbon day in our house. And I think we were in Kentucky for at least PART of bourbon day, so I think that counts for something. Anyway, I’m a little late with this pie, but it’s so delicious […]

  • Mint juleps

    Being married to a man from Kentucky means there is a lot of bourbon in my life. He ordered me a mint julep on one of our first dates, we have bottles of bourbon on display in our house, and mint juleps were the signature drink at our wedding. Yum. They do go straight to […]

  • Wassail

    Here we come a-wassailing out in the snow so white   Here we come a-wassailing late into the night Love and cookies come to you, to you and your grandma too And God bless you and send you a happy new year And God send you a happy new year. {end singing}   We had […]

  • Bourbon brown sugar shortbread

    We have a lot of bourbon in our house. It’s in our bar, in our pantry, on display and even in a painting on our wall. Apparently that’s normal for someone from Kentucky whose family runs a distillery… but it still seems a bit strange to me. I try to embrace it, though. I’ve made […]