• Baby rhino at the Safari Park!


    Just about everyone knows about the awesomeness of the San Diego Zoo, but I hadn’t heard of the San Diego Zoo Safari Park until we moved here. We first went about a year ago, but I had been wanting to go back to see the recently completed Tiger Trail, and to see the baby rhino. […]

  • Tea at the Aubrey Rose Tea Room

    tea pots

    I’m sure you’ve noticed that I am a certified tea fanatic, and going somewhere for afternoon tea is my favorite. Thank goodness I have friends and family who will indulge my tea and scone addiction, or I would just be stuck drinking a pot of tea by myself in my house every day (like usual). […]

  • Carlsbad J. Crew opening

    carlsbad forum j crew

    As much as I like going to actual stores and trying things on before I buy them, I’ve been ordering most of my stuff online since we moved here. The problems is that unlike in DC, when I could just stop at the Pentagon City metro stop on my way home from work, many of my […]

  • Fab Fave Friday: San Diego Zoo

    gorilla at the San Diego Zoo

    Jen’s note: Fab Fave Friday is a recurring feature in which I highlight some of my favorite things — in all sorts of categories. Today’s category is San Diego tourist attractions. In addition to being classy (obviously), San Diego is a major tourist destination. The weather here is basically perfect year-round, the beaches are gorgeous, and […]

  • Very merry unbirthday tea party

    My good friend Melissa came to visit last month, and after the awesome experience we had last year at afternoon tea, we wanted to try a new place.   We went to Shakespeare’s Corner Shoppe, which was lovely and very good (I especially loved the Welsh rarebit and the meringues with raspberry), but our service […]

  • Madewell opening in Carlsbad

    I first happened upon a Madewell store when we moved to Annapolis in 2009. The brand was born in 1937, but closed in the 80s and was bought, overhauled and reintroduced by J.Crew in 2006. Annapolis was one of their first stores. Their focus is on denim — mainly skinny and super skinny jeans, lately […]

  • Take a hike: Torrey Pines

    When I was in elementary school (and lived in the Valley of the Sun), my dad had this great idea: We were going to hike a different mountain every weekend. I hated it. So, so much. I think I actually complained enough that we stopped after a few weeks, because who wants to listen to […]

  • Run your first Half Marathon in San Diego!

    ***Hi guys, my name is Bri and you can usually find me over at SanBriego.com. I’m happy to share a couple of guest posts with you this month while the lovely Jen is off being a rockstar in Afghanistan!!*** I don’t remember why I signed up for my first half marathon. I think I was […]

  • Stand-up paddleboarding

    If you’ve been near just about any body of water in the United States in the past year or two, you’ve probably seen people standing on boards, paddling around. I’m not sure when it became a thing, but I saw tons of people doing it in Hawaii last year and it’s hugely popular in the […]

  • Dia de los Muertos

    Happy Dia de los Muertos! I hope you are celebrating the lives of your loved ones today. We are in Kentucky right now, but we went to a Dia de los Muertos festival in Oceanside last weekend. It was extremely crowded, but really interesting. Plus, we got to explore the gorgeous San Luis Rey mission, […]