• Strawberry coconut milk ice cream

    Though mint chocolate chip ice cream and coconut gelato tend to be my favorite frozen treats, sometimes only strawberry ice cream (or a strawberry milkshakes) will do. This is particularly true of homemade ice cream, which is definitely better (and easier) in certain flavors — like peach and strawberry. But as obsessed as I am with all […]

  • Not-so-Chunky Monkey

    OK, I know “Chunky Monkey” did not get its name from its power to pack on the pounds. But I also know that the delicious combination of banana ice cream, fudge chunks and walnuts is very hard to resist — and downing a pint is not exactly a ticket to Skinnyville. But, it is one […]

  • Coconanacado popsicles

    Summer is NOT over, y’all. I know that summer break is over for most of the kids and teachers in the U.S. And I know that the weather has been totally wackadoodle in many places. But it is still August! The high tomorrow in Killeen, Texas (my current location) is 96 degrees. The pools are […]

  • Irish coffee sundaes

    If you don’t have any Irish whiskey in your house, you may need to go get some RIGHT NOW. Because you’re going to need to make this Irish whiskey caramel sauce. Don’t worry if you’ve never made caramel before — it’s not that hard and it only takes about 15 minutes. You do need to […]

  • Sweet tea mint julep sorbet

    On a particularly hot day this summer, a girl I know from college posted a Facebook status about her wish for bourbon popsicles. That sounded like a fantastic plan to me. But alcohol has a much lower freezing temperature than water so it won’t freeze in the freezer. And since a mint julep is just […]

  • Peach ice cream

    When I was little, Baskin Robbins was our ice cream of choice. I think it is actually a part of my DNA, because my mom (and dad) at so much BR when she was pregnant with me: baseball nut and butter pecan in particular. I was always partial to daquiri ice, but when that wasn’t […]

  • Roasted hazelnut vanilla ice cream

    You may remember my French vanilla incident this summer. Since then, I have been wanting to make eggless ice cream. And this recipe from the New York Times sounded especially yummy. There was a slight issue because I bought something called “Roman hazelnuts,” which don’t say anything about being roasted. But when I poured them […]

  • Strawberry-coconut ice cream

    This ice cream is amazing. I have been wanting to make it since I bought the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream book, and it is just as wondrous as I thought it would be. Not quite as pink as I would have guessed, but I can live with that. For some reason, it is really […]

  • Butter pecan ice cream

    I should start off by saying that butter pecan ice cream was a key part of my fetal development. It’s practically a part of my DNA. And this butter pecan is AWESOME. You may recall that I was thinking about trying some egg-free ice cream. I still am, but I thought that this might not […]

  • Watermelon sorbet (no ice cream maker required)

    I have been thinking about making watermelon sorbet for a long time. Then a girl at work was talking about how she wants to get an ice cream maker. And I read this article in the New York Times about egg-free ice cream (which I wish I had read before the vanilla bean incident last […]