• Candy corn layer cake

    candy corn cake for Halloween

    I love most candies that are basically just sugar + food coloring, so it’s no surprise that I adore candy corn (mellowcreme pumpkins are the best)! But there’s only so much candy corn one human can eat, and they don’t have it here in Bahrain anyway. They do, however, have butter, sugar, and flour, which […]

  • Pecan praline cake

    pecan praline cake

    I know this time of year is all about cookies, but this cake is too good not to share. It’s impossibly light and fluffy, covered with a delicious caramel-y pecan topping. The idea came from a recipe card included in a Christmas gift we received, but I decided to make cake from scratch instead of […]

  • Pumpkin mochi cake

    pumpkin mochi cake

    Have you ever had mochi? I had not tried it — or even heard of it — until a few years ago, when a friend broght Trader Joe’s mochi ice cream bites to a party we attended. The flavors were all very good, but the best thing about mochi items is really the chewy/spongy texture. […]

  • Summer strawberry cake

    strawberry cake

    Have you ever gone strawberry picking? We lived less than 5 miles from a strawberry field for two years and kept promising ourselves that we would go, but we never did. However, we did manage to at least go and buy some of the freshly picked strawberries, which are approximately nine trillion times better than […]

  • Coconut bird’s nest cupcakes

    coconut bird's nest cupcakes

    About 10 years ago, my go-to cake recipe involved a box of cake mix, a can of crushed pineapple, a can of sweetened condensed milk, a bag of coconut and a tub of Cool Whip. It wasn’t very fancy, but it was definitely good: I won an office baking competition with that cake. Since then, […]

  • Chocolate souffle cupcakes with chocolate buttercream

    mexican spiced chocolate souffle cupcakes

    Since Valentine’s Day is creeping up on us, I thought I’d start my Super Bowl recipe sharing with these amazingly rich, fudgy (and gluten-free) chocolate cupcakes. Whether you decorate them like footballs or sprinkle them with hearts is up to you. The first thing you need to know about these cupcakes is that there is […]

  • Peach-pecan upside-down cake

    peach pecan upside down cake

    A couple of years ago, I learned that my friend Dan’s favorite dessert is pineapple upside-down cake. I had never made (or even eaten!) pineapple upside-down cake, but it sounded pretty good, so I figured I’d try it. Long story short: It was delicious and really easy to make. Anyway, I saw this recipe when […]

  • Brown butter chocolate chip cookies

    brown butter chocolate chip cookies

    I was always under the impression that everyone loved chocolate chip cookies. Then, in college, I dated a guy who disliked chocolate so much that, as a child, he’d tell people he was allergic to it so he wouldn’t have to eat it. And I was friends with a girl who loved the cookie part […]

  • Chocolate coconut cake

    chocolate coconut cake

    Since Melissa was visiting California for her birthday, I HAD to figure out the perfect birthday cake to make for her. Right? I considered the to-die-for coconut rainbow sprinkles cake that I made for my own birthday last year, but thought I should try something a little different. And since I know Melissa loves chocolate […]

  • Cranberry upside-down cake

    cranberry upside down cake

    When I was planning my Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner menus, I knew I had to have delicious desserts for both… but I didn’t want anything that would require a lot of work. I decided to make a peppermint ice cream cake for Christmas (which was delicious but also a huge mess, so I need […]