• Gluten free banana-coconut-pecan muffins

    gluten free banana coconut pecan muffins

    I hate diet food. I have always thought fat-free cookies, sugar-free ice cream and “lite” anything is just plain gross. I’d rather drink water than Diet Coke, and I’d rather eat nothing than some kind of weird, allegedly healthy frankenfood. But since I have a few very serious allergies, I certainly understand that many people need to […]

  • Breakfast biscuit bar

    biscuit bar

    The waffles were delicious. They really were. But building a make-your-own waffle bar is a mess and kind of a pain. The timing is a challenge, because you don’t want the waffles sitting on the table for too long, or they’ll get cold and a little soggy. And having to make the waffles separately is […]

  • Cherry-pecan scones

    If you think scones are dry, hard and better suited for use as a doorstop than an afternoon snack… then you haven’t tried these scones. These are flaky, tender, buttery, full of cherries and toasted pecans. They’re perfect for tea, or for brunch, or for anytime you want something delicious.   They’re also easy — […]

  • Cinnamon rolls

    When I was growing up, we would be allowed to open one Christmas present on Christmas Eve (before we went to church), then we had to wait until Christmas morning to open our presents. But once we got a little older we started opening all our presents after church (and after midnight, so it is […]

  • Buttermilk biscuits

    Many years ago — when I was young and single — I used to spend whole weekends reading. Or reading and talking to people on AOL instant messenger. Either way. Anyway, one of those weekends, I read “The Secret Life of Bees.” It’s a lovely book, and you should read it, if you haven’t. But […]

  • Maple bacon biscuits

    Biscuits can seem tricky, if you’ve never made them before. You have to cut butter into small pieces, you have to be careful not to put too much liquid into the dough and you don’t want to over-stir or over-knead it. But it really isn’t as hard as it looks. You don’t have to have […]

  • Cherry-blueberry muffins

    The Fourth of July is all about grilled meat and watermelon and cold beer… but you still need something to eat for breakfast. Hence, cherry-blueberry muffins. And I even lightened them up a bit by using nonfat Greek yogurt in place of some of the butter. Don’t worry, though. You can use all butter if […]

  • Jalapeño cheddar cornbread

    Hey! How are y’all? I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve blogged, but we are currently up to our eyeballs in boxes, getting ready for our big move to California. Anyway, I’m sorry I have neglected you. Will some moist, cheesy cornbread with just a bit of jalapeño kick help? I thought so.   […]

  • Blackberry lavender scones

    I know it’s only Thursday, but if you’re looking forward to a lazy weekend at home and don’t anticipate wanting to change out of your pajamas for brunch… you’re in luck. You can make some amazing, flaky and beautiful scones with very little effort. Scramble some eggs and pour a pitcher of mimosas, and viola! […]

  • Cheesy mini pretzel dogs

    There are many wondrous things available at the Amish market in Annapolis. But Toby’s favorite is the pretzel dog. We have our friend Jose to thank for that, actually, because we may never have stood in the ridiculously long line for one if he hadn’t told us about them. Anyway, we don’t live in Annapolis […]