• Sriracha chicken wings

    sriracha chicken wings

    Chicken wings are one of those food items that everyone in the world except for me (and vegans) feel is necessary to eat while watching sports. I am perfectly happy to make something for everyone else, but since I hate Buffalo sauce and Sriracha is kind of a thing right now, I thought Sriracha wings […]

  • Kentucky beer cheese

    kentucky beer cheese

    Have you ever heard of beer cheese? I hadn’t, until a former boss mentioned it a few years ago. It sounded interesting — beer and cheese go together well, and adding beer to cheese fondue is usually a good idea — but I hadn’t really thought about it again until I started trying to find […]

  • Guacamole salad

    guacamole salad

    When I was in elementary school (probably around second grade?), my family went to Kansas to visit some relatives. The first night, we stayed in Witchita, and my dad uttered a sentence none of us have ever forgotten: “When we’re on vacation, you can order whatever you want.” I had a giant bowl of guacamole […]

  • Mediterranean chicken skewers

    Chicken is not the most exciting food. I mean, it’s not bad. It has a lot of protein in it, it’s generally easy to cook and it’s versatile. But eating plain chicken every day can get pretty boring. This chicken, though, has that extra somethin’ somethin’, with the added bonus of not too many ingredients and […]

  • Danielle’s delicious guacamole

    My friend Danielle is fun, super smart and, like many of my friends, doesn’t think she knows how to cook. Since she’s a doctor who just got out of the Navy (and her boyfriend apparently is a great cook), it may just be that she’s been focused on other things… like, for instance, saving lives. […]

  • Charred tomatillo salsa

    I know what you’re thinking. You’re wondering how I could possibly give you a recipe for nachos and not include some salsa to go with it. So… today I’m talking about salsa. Homemade salsa. It goes perfectly with pork, and it’s so easy you may not quite believe it. Those are tomatillos. They look like […]

  • Beer-braised carnitas nachos

    How is it already March? I know February is a short month and all, but seriously. Somehow I managed to wait an entire month before sharing the delicious nachos I made for the Super Bowl. If you don’t like nachos… well, we probably can’t be friends. But you could always just use these beer-braised carnitas […]

  • Caramelized Vidalia onion dip

    I hate onions. Well, kinda. Somehow, the girl who orders her enchiladas and burritos and chili dogs and hamburgers and salads without onions… loves onion rings. And onion dip. With potato chips, which I also normally don’t like. It’s an enigma. But, while I can’t explain it, I can embrace it. And I figured that […]

  • Skinny spinach-artichoke dip

    There’s a lot of football on these days, but if you’re like me, you may be looking for something a little less gluttonous to snack on while you scream at the TV.   So, how about some spinach and artichoke dip, minus some of the fat? I found this recipe in an awesome cookbook I […]

  • Cheesy mini pretzel dogs

    There are many wondrous things available at the Amish market in Annapolis. But Toby’s favorite is the pretzel dog. We have our friend Jose to thank for that, actually, because we may never have stood in the ridiculously long line for one if he hadn’t told us about them. Anyway, we don’t live in Annapolis […]