• Resolve to be more colorful

    When I was in high school, I was at my best friend’s house when her mom mentioned that she had gotten a pink dress that she loved… but she was going to return it, because she’d never wear it. I couldn’t figure out what the deal was. She loved the dress, and it looked great on […]

  • Packing cookies for shipping

    layer 2

    I have quite a bit of experience with packing cookies (and other items) for international shipping, and I did a post about it several years ago. But I thought since it is the holiday season (even though I’m a little late!), I would update that post a bit. First, if you want to send baked […]

  • How to make pie crust like a boss

    pie crust by hand

    Pie crust can be pretty intimidating. A tasteless or overly dense crust can ruin a pie, and unlike cake, you can’t just cover it with frosting if it looks a little wonky. But you can totally make a good one. Seriously. How do I know? Well, I’ve tried roughly a zillion different recipes and determined that this […]

  • How to start running (or get faster)

    There are a few things that everyone in my family has in common. For example: We all care about what we wear, we all love Arizona, we’re all beach bums, and we all get overly obsessed and competitive when it comes to jigsaw puzzles. But whereas I forget to work out for weeks at a time, […]

  • How to wear sneakers with (almost) anything

    As someone with both sensitive feet and a love of beautiful high heels, choosing shoes is not easy. My job makes it extra difficult, since I don’t always know how long I’ll be standing, how far I’ll be walking, or what kind of terrain I may have to traverse on any given day. Even sensible […]

  • How to dress for game day, SEC style

    Football was a big deal at my first high school — everyone went to the games, and the players were like celebrities. But even though I wore dresses and heels to school occasionally, Clueless-style, I don’t think I ever wore something like that to a football game. Football-watching attire is jeans and a sweatshirt, right? […]

  • Cooper River Bridge Run, and tips for your first race

    My grandfather recently turned 90, and my family decided to go celebrate with him in Charleston, S.C. And, since it happened to be the same weekend as the Cooper River Bridge Run (a 10K that includes a two-mile bridge connecting Charleston to Mount Pleasant), we decided to run it.   My brother, Scott, was in […]

  • How to start swimming

    I learned to swim when I was 22 months old, and I grew up with a pool in my backyard. So even though I (foolishly) quit swim team in elementary school, swimming has always been relatively easy and natural for me. When my family was living in Brussels, I would swim laps every day at […]

  • How to make sweet tea

    I’m not Southern. My dad is from Texas and my mom’s from West Virginia, but I was born in Northern California and grew up in Arizona — which is technically in the southern half of the U.S. but is not REALLY the South. The first time I remember hearing someone use the word “Yankee” when […]

  • How to send cookies to Afghanistan (or Iraq… or a ship)

    As a military wife, military reporter and friend of many Marines (and a few sailors), I have done a lot of overseas shipping. I send so many baked goods that the owner of the Annapolis Post Box knows me as “The Cookie Lady.” The first time I sent cookies overseas was almost 10 years ago, […]