• DIY Tinkerbell shoe pom-poms

    tinkerbell running shoe pom pom

    After running the Star Wars half marathon and vowing to be better prepared for the Tinkerbell half… life happened. So not only have I not been running as much as I had wanted to (because of an injury), I also am behind in my costume prep. However, I did want to share one DIY costume […]

  • Snack stadium!

    food football stadium

    Did you know that snack stadiums were a thing? I had never seen or heard of them until I saw a crazy one on Bon Appetit’s website a year or two ago. And I was out of town for the Super Bowl last year, so this year, after seeing this awesome snacknadium in the L.A. […]

  • Turkey trot beanie

    turkey trot beanie

    For the second year in a row, we are planning to run a 10K in the snow less than 24 hours after leaving the near-tropical climes our bodies are used to. So, I’m going to need a hat.   Since we’re running in a Turkey Trot and I’m going to wear a turkey tutu, I thought I […]

  • Sparkly magic kitchen wands

    Sometimes, just getting dinner on the table can seem like the world’s biggest challenge. Whether I’m going for a multi-course meal or just a grilled cheese sandwich, cooking usually requires cleaning, rummaging through the pantry and the fridge, following directions, making up my own directions, emptying the dishwasher and clearing off the dinner table. I […]

  • Make your own Turkey Trot tutu

    If you’ve ever watched or participated in a Turkey Trot (Thanksgiving Day run) before, you may have noticed that not all of the runners wear regular running clothes. There are drumstick beanies, Pilgrim hats, Santa suits and all manner of Halloween costumes. And always lots of tutus. I’m not sure when wearing a tutu to […]

  • How to make a meringue for pie

    Making a meringue is not terribly difficult, but it does require a lot of time with an electric mixer. Basically it is just super-duper whipped egg whites, with sugar. You should probably use cream of tartar, which will make the meringue fluffier and easier to work with. I used to be scared of cream of […]