• Resolve to read more books


    I love to read, but somehow I only end up reading newspapers, online articles and magazines unless I’m on a plane or on vacation. So, this year, I want to make more of an effort to read books even when I’m not traveling. My friend Bri over at SanBriego.com aims to read 50 books each year, […]

  • What I’ve been reading

    Thanks to all the traveling I’ve been doing this year, I’ve been doing a bit more reading than I have the past few years, which is definitely a good thing. But I just realized we haven’t talked about any books around here for a while. So let’s get to it! The Goldfinch: It’s not exactly […]

  • What I’ve been reading

    It can be a challenge to take the time to read during the holidays, when things tend to get really busy and we’re all spending even more time shopping and baking than usual. But if you’re flying, or going on vacation, or even just trying to relax a bit, this can be a perfect time […]

  • Fab Fave Friday: Summer Reads

    I’ve loved reading forever. I was the kid whose mother had to come in to her room late at night to tell her put down the book and go to sleep, the one chain-reading Babysitter’s Club books at recess when it was too hot to jump rope, the one who picked my high school beach […]

  • Super sweet book tour

    Have you heard of Jessie the CakeSpy? She has what is likely the world’s most adorable blog (she does all the awesome illustrations herself) and she posts all sorts of sweet (sometimes tooth-achingly so) recipes and links. She also loves rainbows and unicorns, but who doesn’t? Anyway, Jessie’s new book, The Secret Lives of Baked […]

  • Cake Spy visits Baltimore

    Are you guys familiar with Cake Spy? She has a magical pink blog with unicorns on it. Seriously. She also does all sorts of sugary experiments and creates super cute art. You should definitely check it out. Jessie (her real name) just published an awesome cookbook — with recipes for things like Cadbury creme eggs […]

  • Bobby Flay visits Annapolis

    I was in the presence of an Iron Chef yesterday. A ginger Iron Chef in Chuck Taylors. But I didn’t challenge him to a throwdown. I just asked him to sign my book. Of course, first I had to wait in line. Actually, it was more like six lines. I got there at 1:30 and […]