• My two weeks as a unicorn

    Perhaps because I never went through a Kool-Aid/highlighter hair phase in middle or high school, I’ve been wanting to dye my hair pink or blue or purple for a few years now. Unfortunately, it seems like there is rarely a good time for an adult with my particular job to look like Frenchie after her beauty […]

  • Spring beauty trend show

    I love makeup. I started wearing blue eye shadow, sparkly pink blush and hot pink lipstick for dance recitals at the tender age of 3, and began wearing makeup every day in 7th grade, after a girl in my art class gently suggested some foundation would make my insane acne a bit less noticeable. SInce my mom […]

  • Mermaid braid

    When I was getting my hair color done on Saturday at Twig Hair Lounge, I noticed a sign for Sustainable Beauty Day. The event, in honor of Earth Day, raises money for the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation. And Twig was offering a braid bar and flower-crown making, along with other fun activities, so I decided […]

  • Fab fave Friday: Lipsticks

    Are you a lipstick girl? I feel like I’ve recently heard or read a lot of people saying they don’t like lipstick, but I don’t get it. I’ve loved lipstick since I was a little girl, and while I keep trying lipgloss… I always come back to lipstick (or maybe gloss on top of lipstick). […]