• Pink and black

    pink and black

    Perhaps it’s all the ballet classes I took as a child, but pink and black is my favorite color combination. So when I was lucky enough to find this super neon pink cashmere sweater on sale at a Lilly Pulitzer store in Hilton Head, I immediately paired it with a black-and-white striped top and so-dark-they’re-almost-black […]

  • Nutella brownies and a Snacknadium

    nutella football brownies

    As much as I enjoy putting together layer cakes or intricately decorated cookies, sometimes you just need a recipe that only calls for two ingredients and a few minutes of work. This is that recipe. I wasn’t totally sure how they were going to turn out, because Nutella + eggs = brownies seems too good […]

  • Sriracha chicken wings

    sriracha chicken wings

    Chicken wings are one of those food items that everyone in the world except for me (and vegans) feel is necessary to eat while watching sports. I am perfectly happy to make something for everyone else, but since I hate Buffalo sauce and Sriracha is kind of a thing right now, I thought Sriracha wings […]