• Zengo cycle


    Toby and my dad have been fans of spinning for several years. I… have not. If you’re not familiar, spinning or cycling classes involve an instructor guiding a class full of people on stationary bikes through a series of “jumps,” “hills,” sprints and other movements that simulate riding a bike outside, without having to manuever […]

  • Barre so hard

    xtend barre

    In honor of the new year, I’m starting an occasional fitness series in which I try out different workouts and report back. Today’s theme is barre. You may recall that I did a post last year about what to expect from your first barre class. But, after trying several different brands of barre, I’ve learned […]

  • What to wear for your resolution workouts


    It’s January, which means many of us have rededicated ourselves to getting off the couch and hitting the gym. The only problem is that far too many workout clothes seem to be made for professional athletes or fitness models, and don’t quite work properly on those of us with body fat percentages in the double […]