• Work lately

    with recon Marines

    I’ve been traveling a lot for work in the past few weeks, and while I haven’t been able to take normal outfit photos from lots of angles, I wanted to share some of the things I’ve been wearing with you. After all, the whole reason I started posting outfit photos in the first place was to show […]

  • Gluten free banana-coconut-pecan muffins

    gluten free banana coconut pecan muffins

    I hate diet food. I have always thought fat-free cookies, sugar-free ice cream and “lite” anything is just plain gross. I’d rather drink water than Diet Coke, and I’d rather eat nothing than some kind of weird, allegedly healthy frankenfood. But since I have a few very serious allergies, I certainly understand that many people need to […]

  • A month of fitmob

    baja body

    Boutique fitness studios have been popping up all over the place in the past few years: Barre, yoga, spinning, TRX, pilates, CrossFit… you name it, there’s a studio or gym for it. And while I do really like barre (I’m working on a post now about what to expect at your first barre class), it […]

  • Greenya colada

    greenya colada

    I’ve been making and drinking smoothies since childhood, but I have to admit it had never occured to me to add greens to the mix. But, before the green juice craze started, I was talking to a neighbor and she mentioned that she always adds a handful or two of spinach to smoothies for her […]

  • Gray and blue

    gray and blue

    The other day, my friend Isabel sent me a link to a Harper’s Bazaar story by a woman who wears the same thing to work every day to reduce stress in her life. It’s an interesting concept, and I can certainly understand why it would be appealing. I can’t even tell you the number of […]

  • Coconut bird’s nest cupcakes

    coconut bird's nest cupcakes

    About 10 years ago, my go-to cake recipe involved a box of cake mix, a can of crushed pineapple, a can of sweetened condensed milk, a bag of coconut and a tub of Cool Whip. It wasn’t very fancy, but it was definitely good: I won an office baking competition with that cake. Since then, […]