• Turkey trot beanie

    turkey trot beanie

    For the second year in a row, we are planning to run a 10K in the snow less than 24 hours after leaving the near-tropical climes our bodies are used to. So, I’m going to need a hat.   Since we’re running in a Turkey Trot and I’m going to wear a turkey tutu, I thought I […]

  • Sweet potato-pecan pie (with gluten-free crust!)

    sweet potato pecan pie slice

    Turkey gets all the attention, and you know I love me some cranberry sauce and sweet potatoes. But if we’re being honest, pie is really the best thing about Thanksgiving, right?   I’m definitely in the “a little of each” camp when it comes to pie — I can’t choose between pumpkin and pecan, and […]

  • Best-ever Thanksgiving sweet potatoes (with marshmallows)

    best thanksgiving sweet potatoes

    My mom makes the best Thanksgiving sweet potatoes ever. How do I know? Besides the fact that I have eaten them since (probably) infancy, every person I have ever served them to loves them — and usually asks for the recipe. Obviously this don’t have to only be made for Thanksgiving, but I’m not sure […]

  • A sparkly double take

    usmc ball

    November 10 was the 239th birthday of the Marine Corps, and this year we celebrated it two Fridays in a row. The Marine Corps ball is kind of a big deal to Toby and I, since we were set up 10 years ago (eek!) to go to the 229th birthday ball together. Plus, it is […]

  • Peach-pecan upside-down cake

    peach pecan upside down cake

    A couple of years ago, I learned that my friend Dan’s favorite dessert is pineapple upside-down cake. I had never made (or even eaten!) pineapple upside-down cake, but it sounded pretty good, so I figured I’d try it. Long story short: It was delicious and really easy to make. Anyway, I saw this recipe when […]

  • Ripped jeans and pixie dust

    fairy good life

    You’ve probably noticed that I put my outfits together based on the event, occasion or location at which I’ll be wearing them. I think I’ve always been like that, actually: I remember going to a Phoenix Suns game when I was in middle school and wondering what the heck the woman sitting courtside in YELLOW […]

  • Slow-cooker veggie chili

    veggie chili

    After I graduated from college and moved to South Carolina, my dinners generally came from a can, a box, the freezer, or a restaurant. I baked cookies and cakes and muffins occasionally, but I really didn’t know how to cook “real” (non-sugary) food, particularly meals that could go from stove (or microwave) to my tiny table in about […]

  • Guacamole salad

    guacamole salad

    When I was in elementary school (probably around second grade?), my family went to Kansas to visit some relatives. The first night, we stayed in Witchita, and my dad uttered a sentence none of us have ever forgotten: “When we’re on vacation, you can order whatever you want.” I had a giant bowl of guacamole […]

  • Hello Kitty Con

    hello kitty con

    Is there anything cuter than Hello Kitty? I think not. This weekend was the first-ever Hello Kitty Conference, a celebration of the supercute cartoon timed to coincide with her 40th birthday. As you can imagine, cuteness abounded. Although I’m not a Hello Kitty superfan or anything, I did have quite a bit of Hello Kitty and […]