• Georgia peach tea punch

    georgia peach tea punch

    I have a problem. I love inviting people over and making tons of food for them — way too much food, always — but I never plan it out correctly. What that means is that I’m usually still cooking when the first guests arrive, and there’s always at least one thing that doesn’t get made. […]

  • Stripes and dots

    stripes and dots

    This work outfit is so easy I’m almost embarrassed to share it. But share it I shall. It will come as a surprise to absolutely no one that I love this dress. But it’s not just my stripes obsession (and the fact that it was on sale) that endeared me to it. The color combination […]

  • Vail and Eagle, Colorado

    mountains in colorado

    Labor Day weekend is just a few days away, and I hope you all have fun plans! AAA is predicting that nearly 35 million Americans will travel more than 50 miles from their house for the holiday — the most for Labor Day weekend since 2008. I know a ton of people hit the beach for […]

  • Fab Fave Friday: San Diego Zoo

    gorilla at the San Diego Zoo

    Jen’s note: Fab Fave Friday is a recurring feature in which I highlight some of my favorite things — in all sorts of categories. Today’s category is San Diego tourist attractions. In addition to being classy (obviously), San Diego is a major tourist destination. The weather here is basically perfect year-round, the beaches are gorgeous, and […]

  • Watercolor floral

    watercolor floral skirt

    Pencil skirt + silky blouse + cardigan + pumps. Yeah, it’s a bit of a uniform… but it doesn’t have to be boring. I got this skirt on sale about two years ago because I really loved the print. I wasn’t sure how often I’d be able to wear it, but it has turned out […]

  • Not horchata

    not horchata

    Horchata in Spain is made with nuts. Mexican horchata is made with rice. Neither one is made with bananas. But, bear with me here. We recently started (and then failed at, but are trying again) Whole30, and I randomly started craving horchata. I don’t know why — I rarely order it, even though it is […]

  • Super (surfer) girl

    sage erickson super girl pro

    I’ve been wanting to go to a surf competition since we’ve moved to Southern California, but something always seemed to come up. Last summer, we were about 30 minutes too late to see any surfing at the Paul Mitchell Supergirl Pro in Oceanside, so I was determined to make it this year. And we did! […]

  • How to make pie crust like a boss

    pie crust by hand

    Pie crust can be pretty intimidating. A tasteless or overly dense crust can ruin a pie, and unlike cake, you can’t just cover it with frosting if it looks a little wonky. But you can totally make a good one. Seriously. How do I know? Well, I’ve tried roughly a zillion different recipes and determined that this […]

  • Dream vs. reality – studded shoes

    If you’ve ever checked out the big-name fashion blogs, or wandered through the designer shoe department at Nordstrom, you’ve probably seen a pair of Valentino Rockstuds. They come in all different colors, in heels and flats, and they are absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately, they cost so much that you may have to forgo food for the month […]

  • Fab Fave Friday: wardrobe basics

    Jen’s note: Fab Fave Friday is a recurring feature in which I highlight some of my favorite things — in all sorts of categories. Today’s category is wardrobe basics. We’ve all seen the lists: The ones that tell us all women must have a crisp white button-down shirt, a little black dress, a trench coat, black […]