Over the years, I have learned that Peeps are a VERY controversial subject.

Some of you — like Toby and I — love them. But many of you — like my friend Aaren — despise them with a burning passion. A few years ago, inspired by a fellow Peep lover, I started a yearly tradition of making some kind of Peep-themed dessert, much to the disgust of the anti-Peep crowd. The first year, I made an insane Peep cake for Olga, and the next year I baked Peep cupcakes (which I also gave to Olga).

After an unfortunate incident last year that involved me setting Peeps on fire, I decided to try something a little different.

peeps and vodka

Something a little… tipsier.

peeps in a jar

Yeah, I went there. Instead of buying marshmallow-flavored vodka (which is at least as “gross” as Peeps, in my humble opinion), I made my own. And you can, too. All you have to do is stuff a bunch of Peeps (or regular marshmallows) in a jar and pour vodka on them, then let them sit until they dissolve.

peeps in vodka photo 4-20

I did shake the jar occasionally, but you can see that the Peeps dissolved after a few days. Then I strained out the remaining marshmallow goo and put the Peep-y vodka jar in the freezer.

peeptini 2

It doesn’t really taste like Peeps, honestly — it just tastes like sugary vodka, or cough syrup. I hate vodka. It’s also kind of a weird consistency. But it tastes good when mixed with strawberry lemonade!

peeptini 1

To make your own Peep-infused vodka, you’ll need vodka and Peeps. Put several Peeps in a jar and cover them with vodka, then seal the jar and let the whole thing sit for a few days, shaking occasionally. You can keep it in the fridge if you want. Once the Peeps seem to have dissolved, strain out the remaining marshmallow bits and put the Peep vodka in the fridge or freezer (it won’t freeze).

Peeptini (makes 1)
1/4 cup Peep vodka
1/2 cup to 3/4 cup strawberry lemonade
splash of 7-Up
1-2 Peeps for garnish

Stir or shake the vodka and lemonade together, then add the 7-Up and pour into a glass. Use a sharp knife to cut a little notch into the remaining Peep(s), then use the notch to perch the Peeps on the edge of the glass for garnish.


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