• Sweet potato tacos

    It’s almost Cinco de Mayo! Let’s make some tacos. No, those aren’t carrots. They’re pieces of sweet potato, cut into carrot-like shapes. Stick with me here.   Back in Annapolis, Toby and I got into the habit of going out for Taco Tuesday. Most of the time, that meant meeting our friends at Paladar for margaritas, fresh guacamole, […]

  • Madewell opening in Carlsbad

    I first happened upon a Madewell store when we moved to Annapolis in 2009. The brand was born in 1937, but closed in the 80s and was bought, overhauled and reintroduced by J.Crew in 2006. Annapolis was one of their first stores. Their focus is on denim — mainly skinny and super skinny jeans, lately […]

  • How to wear sneakers with (almost) anything

    As someone with both sensitive feet and a love of beautiful high heels, choosing shoes is not easy. My job makes it extra difficult, since I don’t always know how long I’ll be standing, how far I’ll be walking, or what kind of terrain I may have to traverse on any given day. Even sensible […]

  • Frozen strawberry salad

    This salad reminds me of hot dogs, watermelon and sun tea. Inflatable alligators, freshly mowed grass, the smell of Coppertone and chlorine and the thwack of flip flops on the pool deck. Besides its association with childhood pool parties, it’s easy, it’s pink, it’s chock-full of fruit and it’s delicious. It also contains Cool Whip, sugar […]

  • Mermaid braid

    When I was getting my hair color done on Saturday at Twig Hair Lounge, I noticed a sign for Sustainable Beauty Day. The event, in honor of Earth Day, raises money for the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation. And Twig was offering a braid bar and flower-crown making, along with other fun activities, so I decided […]

  • Leftover Easter candy cookies

    DId the Easter bunny go a bit overboard? Are you up to your ears in pastel-colored candies and chocolate rabbits? Or maybe you are just hoping to take advantage of the post-holiday markdowns. Regardless, if you’d like to turn that bag of mini Cadbury eggs and bunny-printed M&Ms into chewy, buttery, delicious cookies, I have […]

  • Happy Easter!

      I hope y’all are having a happy Easter! We woke up to jelly beans and chocolate eggs from the Easter bunny, went to a lovely church in Encinitas, stopped at the beach to snap some photos and then had an amazing brunch at Searsucker in Del Mar. Coconut pancakes with macadamia nuts and Kahlua […]

  • Peeptini

    Over the years, I have learned that Peeps are a VERY controversial subject. Some of you — like Toby and I — love them. But many of you — like my friend Aaren — despise them with a burning passion. A few years ago, inspired by a fellow Peep lover, I started a yearly tradition […]

  • Easter eats

    It’s almost Easter! I’m hoping to bring you a few Easter-y recipes in the very near future, now that our sink is finally fixed and I’m home from Texas. But in the meantime, I wanted to share some recipes I’ve been drooling over, plus a few things I’ve made in the past — just in […]

  • Take a hike: Torrey Pines

    When I was in elementary school (and lived in the Valley of the Sun), my dad had this great idea: We were going to hike a different mountain every weekend. I hated it. So, so much. I think I actually complained enough that we stopped after a few weeks, because who wants to listen to […]