• Date night LBD

    I have this problem right now where I feel like all my clothes are either really casual or dressy. I don’t really have a lot of in-between. But I wanted to wear something other than jeans or a bathing suit coverup for dinner on Saturday with Toby, so I thought this dress that I picked […]

  • Another delicious weekend in Austin

    You may recall that I was in Texas for work for a good chunk of August, and I shared some of the great places I visited during my first weekend in Austin not too long ago. Although I enjoyed all the food and shopping that first weekend, I was not too excited to hang around […]

  • Strawberry margarita (on the rocks)

    I know. I was supposed to give you the recipe for the maple-bacon biscuits I made the other day, and I haven’t yet. But I thought those of you who don’t eat bacon might appreciate something vegetarian for a change. Plus, it’s Taco Tuesday! You need a margarita. These are not your typical strawberry margaritas. […]

  • Cheese and bacon strata

    Football is kind of a big deal around here. Between my need to watch Georgia games and Toby’s desire to watch every other football game ever played… it can get a little excessive. And while I’m on board with lot of football on TV, I wasn’t super excited when I realized that moving to the […]

  • Candied bacon

    It has been far, far too long since I’ve posted a recipe here. I’m sorry, and I’m going to make it up to you, starting today. I just hope you like bacon. Unlike the entire Internet, I am actually not head-over-heels for bacon. I know, I’m a weirdo. It’s cool. But, as you might imagine, […]

  • One skirt, 12 ways

    Packing for a long trip is a challenge. You don’t want your bag to weigh 100 pounds, but if you’re like me, you also don’t want to have to wear the same outfit three times in a week. That’s where the wardrobe workhorses come in: dark jeans, nude heels, leopard flats, a navy blazer. But […]

  • Weekend in Austin

    One nice thing about being in Texas for so long was that I got to visit Austin for the first time. I didn’t get to try, taste and visit everything, but I did manage to eat quite a bit of delicious food and do some fun stuff. My first stop? Round Rock Donuts. You can […]

  • Awkward selfies, part 2

    I’m finally back from Killeen! I stayed so much longer than I had planned that I actually had to go buy new clothes… and then do laundry and get things dry cleaned. It was a bit crazy.  But I do have some more weird photos of myself (and one of the gorgeous Central Texas sunrise) […]