• Bunheads goodbye video

    Hey y’all. I’m still in Killeen, and it is super depressing and exhausting. However, yesterday I saw this Bunheads goodbye dance video, and it made me happy. Well, actually kinda sad, in that Bunheads has been canceled, but happy because of the dancing. So, I want you to watch it, too. Also, watch this video […]

  • Awkward selfies, part 1

    Since I’ve been staying in a hotel by myself and working long hours, I haven’t really had a chance to take good photos of my outfits. But I did want to share a few pictures I took to give you an idea of the kinds of things I packed. Please excuse the horrible lighting in […]

  • Flavors of Central Texas

    If you’re wondering why I haven’t been posting much lately… this is why. I’ve been in Killeen, Texas, for work. It’s hot here, and there isn’t a lot to do. Of course, I’m waking up at 5 a.m. and working really long days, so I don’t have a ton of time for super fun activities. […]

  • Coconanacado popsicles

    Summer is NOT over, y’all. I know that summer break is over for most of the kids and teachers in the U.S. And I know that the weather has been totally wackadoodle in many places. But it is still August! The high tomorrow in Killeen, Texas (my current location) is 96 degrees. The pools are […]

  • Tea at the Jefferson

    You may recall my recent post about tea at the Willard. It was lovely, but I wanted to try at least one other place for tea in Washington before we moved, and Refinery29 happened to have a well-timed slideshow of afternoon tea options right before Toby’s mom came to visit us there. We decided to […]

  • Fab Fave Friday: Cheesy teenager movies

    I don’t love a lot of chick flicks. I despised “Titanic,” I’ve never seen “The Notebook,” and don’t even get me started on “Twilight.” But there is a certain kind of cheesy teenager movie that I just can’t resist. Here are a few of my favorites (and yes, I know some of these are actually […]

  • A day at the races

    I’ve never been to the Kentucky Derby. In fact, I had never been to any horse race at all (at least not that I can recall) until last month. That’s kind of weird, considering I am married to a man from Kentucky who has been to the Derby several times. But it seems like we […]

  • Bourbon bundt cake

    Rainbow sprinkles and coconut were perfect for my birthday, but for Toby’s birthday? I obviously needed something spiked with bourbon. Luckily, I had just seen a recipe for bourbon cake in a cookbook a few days before, so I decided to try it. It was definitely a good call.   This recipe is super easy, […]

  • Fab Fave Friday: Summer Reads

    I’ve loved reading forever. I was the kid whose mother had to come in to her room late at night to tell her put down the book and go to sleep, the one chain-reading Babysitter’s Club books at recess when it was too hot to jump rope, the one who picked my high school beach […]

  • Sequins and sandals

    Maybe it’s all those bedazzled dance costumes I rocked growing up, but I’m a sucker for sequins. Unfortunately, they don’t work for every occasion (say, the office). But recently I’ve seen a lot of sparkly pieces available that you can wear during the day (outside the office) — especially when dressed down with casual jeans […]