• Coconut rainbow sprinkle cake

    I love coconut cake, but I’ve had some issues trying to bake myself one for my past few birthdays. This year, my first try was fine but not great. Then, Toby had the brilliant idea of combining rainbow sprinkles with coconut.   It was the perfect birthday cake. The cake itself is very light and […]

  • Disneyland!

    I love Disney movies, and I adore Disneyland and Disneyworld. So you can imagine how excited I was when I realized we now live only about an hour from Disneyland — and that we could go there to celebrate my birthday.   And yes, I was turning 33, not 13. But, whatever. The Minnie Mouse […]

  • Danielle’s delicious guacamole

    My friend Danielle is fun, super smart and, like many of my friends, doesn’t think she knows how to cook. Since she’s a doctor who just got out of the Navy (and her boyfriend apparently is a great cook), it may just be that she’s been focused on other things… like, for instance, saving lives. […]

  • Aztec print

    My middle school’s mascot was the Aztec, and since I was a middle-school cheerleader, I thought maybe I should include a cheer to go along with this Aztec-print dress. But… all of our cheers were pretty generic. Sorry. This dress is definitely not generic — I got it at a really cute boutique in Florida, […]

  • Brunch at Farmers Fishers Bakers

    I grew up hating most breakfast foods. I went through a phase where I would eat bagels (and then wouldn’t), a phase where I would basically only eat those frozen mini-pancakes that taste like marshmallow (but not with pancake syrup — only fruit-flavored syrup) and a very long period during which I refused to eat […]

  • Orange cream cake

    Do you like Creamsicles? Dreamsicles? Orange-cream slushes at Sonic? Anything with orange and cream together? I love them all. Orange + vanilla might seem like a weird combination if you’ve never had one of those frozen confections, but I promise it works. Which is why I was intrigued when I saw this cake on Rosie’s […]

  • Fab Fave Friday: Baked & Wired cupcakes

    I’ve had Sprinkles cupcakes (too dry). I’ve had Cake Love (also too dry). I’ve had Crumbs (good, but a bit too big). I’ve had any number of random local cupcakes. And I’ve had Georgetown Cupcakes. Don’t get me wrong — they’re good. Maybe not stand-in-line-for-45-minutes good, but definitely good. By my vote for the best […]

  • Turtles and horses

    I had been thinking I didn’t have any outfit photos to post, because of the move and working from home. But I had forgotten about the day of Toby’s change of command ceremony. I’m sorta squinty, but Toby looks super cute, of course. Marines have the best uniforms. After the ceremony, we went over to […]

  • Tropical fruit salad

    So, I think y’all know that I’m semi-obsessed with this fruit salad with mint sugar. But it’s nice to switch things up occasionally, and for the Fourth of July I wanted something without added sugar, since we were going to have dessert (and since fruit has natural sugar anyway). What I think you’ll love about […]

  • Tea at the Willard

    I’m not big on coffee (unless it’s mixed with a lot of sugar and milk), but I have been drinking tea since I was a little girl. And, like other “Alice in Wonderland” fans, anglophiles and little girls at heart, I love a good tea party. So, when my friend Kelly asked if I wanted […]