• Fab Fave Friday – Beauty

    I’m a total makeup fanatic. It’s kind of a problem, but it came in handy when I first moved to North Carolina and couldn’t find a journalism job… so I got a job at the Estee Lauder counter at Belk. It was awesome. I got free makeup AND got to do makeovers. Now I am […]

  • Blackberry lavender scones

    I know it’s only Thursday, but if you’re looking forward to a lazy weekend at home and don’t anticipate wanting to change out of your pajamas for brunch… you’re in luck. You can make some amazing, flaky and beautiful scones with very little effort. Scramble some eggs and pour a pitcher of mimosas, and viola! […]

  • Our sixth anniversary

    Sunday was our sixth wedding anniversary. We’ve done a lot since then — both of us have gone to Afghanistan (although Toby was there for almost a year, and I was just there two weeks), we’ve gotten master’s degrees (and Toby’s about to get his second), we’ve moved twice and are getting ready to move […]

  • Fruit salad with mint sugar

    Fruit salad: It doesn’t sound very exciting, because it normally isn’t. But that’s because most fruit salad contains cantaloupe (gross) and doesn’t include mint sugar. This version is super easy (you literally just cut a few things up and stir) and is so good that every time I make it, someone asks me for the […]

  • Smoky bean salad

    Going to a barbecue/cookout (or whatever you call grilling outside where you live) this weekend? I have a perfect side dish recipe that doesn’t require any cooking and takes only a few minutes to put together. But first, if you live in the U.S., I hope you’ll take a moment — or several — to […]

  • Mint juleps

    Being married to a man from Kentucky means there is a lot of bourbon in my life. He ordered me a mint julep on one of our first dates, we have bottles of bourbon on display in our house, and mint juleps were the signature drink at our wedding. Yum. They do go straight to […]

  • Suit up

    Somehow, the weather in D.C. has gone straight from chilly and icky to humid and icky. These photos were obviously taken before it got really warm. A long-sleeved dress, tights, boots and a jacket aren’t really working right now. But I was originally supposed to be on TV that day, for work, so I wanted […]

  • Strawberry shortcake trifle

    Guys. You have to make this. Like, now. It’s super easy, great for a big group and incredibly delicious.   You can get a trifle dish for less than $20, or just use a large bowl. Now, you could obviously just make regular strawberry shortcakes, if you only need dessert for a few people. But […]

  • Red and black

    As a Georgia Bulldog (and red lipstick fanatic), I am always on the lookout for cute red and black outfits. This dress was a no-brainer — the fit is totally flattering and I think it actually looks better with black tights and a black sweater than on its own. The weather has been all kinds […]

  • Toasting the Preakness with black-eyed Susans

    Since we were out of town for the Kentucky Derby, we decided to have a Preakness party (even though we are within driving distance of Baltimore, where the actual Preakness is run). I made some items that were derby-themed, and we didn’t have any crab cakes (since they’ll kill me), but I figured a pitcher […]