• Paul bakery and cafe

    My friend Kelly is a terrible influence. We started running (a term I’m using very loosely here — I may be the slowest runner on Earth) together, and she always suggests something delicious and fattening for dinner after. One night she drove me home from work because it was raining, and instead of running we […]

  • Cotton candy cloud cupcakes

    After I decided to bake cupcakes for DC Cupcake Camp, I had to decide what kind to make. It wasn’t an easy choice. First, I made a long list of ideas. Then I asked some friends for their input on the options and tested out three of the top options. This was the third one […]

  • Kate Spade opens at Pentagon City

    If you’ve ever seen a Kate Spade store, you could probably guess that I am 100 percent obsessed with everything they make. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw they were opening a new store at the Pentagon City mall — one Metro stop away from work and only a few away from […]

  • Puffy corn omelet

    I’ve been totally lame this summer. I haven’t been giving you nearly enough recipes for the fabulous fruits and vegetables that were bountiful at farmer’s markets and grocery stores, because I’ve been traveling and moving and working and not cooking very much. And also because the light in my new kitchen is not very good. […]

  • DC Cupcake Camp

    You may recall that Toby and I went to something called “Cupcake Camp” in Baltimore last year. It was low on organization, but high in cupcakes. This year, since we moved to Alexandria, I thought we’d try DC Cupcake Camp instead. It’s kind of hard to describe cupcake camp, because it isn’t actually camp-like at […]

  • Ombre heart cookies

    Ombre seems to be everywhere — from hair and nails to jeans and tops. But you don’t have to wear graduated color or dip-dye your own lampshades to get your ombre fix. I made these cookies a while back for a bridal shower. They were a lot easier than most of the decorated cookies I’ve […]