• Peach bellinis

    I don’t drink much wine. I like red wine, but after you’ve had red wine come out your nose (at a restaurant, no less), you tend to avoid it. And I don’t really care for most white wines. But I do like champagne and prosecco. Especially as part of a cocktail. A bellini is basically […]

  • Rock me like a hurricane

    Everything was going swimmingly on Saturday. It was windy and rainy and stormy outside, but Toby managed to get my car in the garage (since my Jeep’s hood was smashed by a falling sheet of ice after the blizzard in early 2010 and a tree branch went through the windshield during a crazy thunderstorm last […]

  • Bourbon-peach individual pies

    I hope everyone is staying safe and dry as Irene makes her way up the East Coast. We’re just sitting here watching CNN butcher the names of towns in North Carolina, and watching Baltimore TV talk about how terrible the weather is while showing a live shot of ducks floating in the calm Baltimore harbor. […]

  • Peach enchiladas

    Originally I was going to have a recipe for grilled chicken with peach barbecue sauce. Sounds great, right? It was one of Gwyneth Paltrow’s recipes in Bon Appetit a month or so ago. The first thing I made from that issue was sweet corn gelato (from the letters section, where people ask how to make […]

  • Peach and blueberry yogurt parfait

    I really like the idea of yogurt parfaits, but it seems like the pre-made ones always have some kind of yucky yogurt and not enough fruit. So I thought I’d make my own. I only have plain, nonfat Greek yogurt in my fridge. And I simply am not a good enough person to eat that […]

  • Sweet tea rice with peaches, jalapeno and pecans

    I know you were probably wondering how the sweet tea fits in with the peach theme of the week. Well, you could make peach iced tea. But I have a better idea: Sweet tea rice with peaches, jalapeno and pecans. You cook the rice with sweet tea instead of water. And you can drink a […]

  • How to make sweet tea

    I’m not Southern. My dad is from Texas and my mom’s from West Virginia, but I was born in Northern California and grew up in Arizona — which is technically in the southern half of the U.S. but is not REALLY the South. The first time I remember hearing someone use the word “Yankee” when […]

  • Peach, watermelon and tomato salad

    Yesterday was Eat a Peach Day. I didn’t even realize that when I decided to make this ESS Peach Week. But I’ll go with it! I can’t remember if I’ve told y’all that we joined a CSA this year. CSA means community-supported agriculture — we give a farmer a certain amount of money before the […]

  • Peach ice cream

    When I was little, Baskin Robbins was our ice cream of choice. I think it is actually a part of my DNA, because my mom (and dad) at so much BR when she was pregnant with me: baseball nut and butter pecan in particular. I was always partial to daquiri ice, but when that wasn’t […]

  • Yes.

    So, I’m clearly really behind in my “So You Think You Can Dance” viewing. But I just have to say: I love this song. I love this girl. I love this dance. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vzap7Q7ziOY] That’s all.