• Coconut-orange cashew rice

    We went to Hilary and Matt’s the other night to watch Georgia play (and lose miserably to) Mississippi State. The game was horrendous, but the food and company were fantastic. I was particularly fond of this rice. I think you will be, too. This recipe came from a cookbook Hilary and Matt have, called “The […]

  • Sundried tomato pasta salad

    This weekend was the National Book Festival, and The Pioneer Woman was one of the many exciting writers in attendance. Sadly, I was kind of late to her talk because I was helping these women who couldn’t figure out how to use the Metro farecard machine. And the photos I took didn’t really turn out […]

  • Decades of fashion

    I made some lemon bars this weekend, but they didn’t turn out quite right. I will post photos and a recipe for some yummy pasta salad tomorrow, though. In the meantime: It turns out my eye shadow is stuck in the 90’s but my bun was way ahead of its time. At least according to […]

  • Blue cheese creamed corn

    It’s officially fall. And while I know fall is like, everyone’s favorite season, I’m not excited. Sure, I love coats and boots. And leaves are pretty. But I prefer flip flops, sunny beach days, fireworks and watermelon. It is in the spirit of pretending it’s still summer that I give you this lovely (and easy) […]

  • The oatmeal that will change your life

    When someone who served as a judge for Iron Chef America’s Battle Oatmeal sends you a link to a recipe and says “This oatmeal will change your life,” you should believe him. This oatmeal is spicy, fruity and wondrous. The recipe is by Edward Lee of 610 Magnolia in Louisville and comes from Esquire.com, which […]

  • Chocolate-peanut butter cake

    Imagine moist, chocolatey cake, enveloped in fluffy peanut butter-cream cheese frosting and topped with a layer of peanutty chocolate ganache. It’s like what would happen if a peanut butter cup accidentally wandered through some radioactive ooze. It’s a teenage mutant ninja peanut butter cup cake. You can use any kind of cocoa powder. I had […]

  • How to frost a cake

    So you bake a lovely, moist cake. And you whip up some fabulous frosting that is a different color. And then you realize — I have no idea how to combine these items without it becoming a big mess. Don’t worry. The secret is a crumb coat. If it’s a layer cake, the first thing […]

  • Rigatoni alla Norma

    This recipe came from Runner’s World magazine. Now that you’ve laughed so hard you fell out of your chair, please pick yourself up again so we can continue. (If you’re wondering why that’s funny… well, let’s just say I am not exactly a runner. I did actually complete a half marathon once, but that was […]

  • Thoughts on mise en place

    So, apparently I’m not a horrible person after all. I recently mentioned mise en place — the technique of prepping all your ingredients before you start cooking. It was only then that I realized that not only is that a thing with a name, I apparently was supposed to be doing it. Yikes. Yes, the […]

  • Peppermint brownies

    This is another tailgating favorite — and a go-to when I need to make something but don’t have much time. If you keep a few boxes of brownie mix and a bag of York peppermint patties (or a few Symphony bars) in the cupboard, you’ll be good to go. Assuming you can keep from eating […]